Need advice: Shipping car from Atlanta to Riverside, CA

Need your help. I am in the process of relocating from Atlanta to Riverside, CA and need to ship my BMW. The business is run by brokers and it is hard to know who is reliable. I am looking for a shipper with strong track record to pick-up and deliver my car. Please share your experiences - any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

I’ve had excellent luck with Reliable carriers. I’ve had the annoying communication and even a wrecked car in a trailer from other transporters. The only company I trust anymore with my cars is Reliable. They only do covered transportation and all the trucks are owned by the company, not brokered out. 100% would recommend. Usually within ballpark pricewise of competitors, sometimes a little higher, but an extra couple hundred bucks is well worth it vs dealing with insurance on a damaged car.

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Search the forum. This has been asked countless times before. For example

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