Shipping companies?

I can’t but you can use your shipping company with my deals🤣

I am talking deals on cars and not shipping :crazy_face:

Yeah I have deals on cars. You’ll need to use your shipping company to get them! Or take a longgg road trip

Will let you know if one of my coworkers or family member needs a car.

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Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone can recommend any solid car transportation companies they know about or have used in the past?

Looking to get a car shipped from Kansas to NYC.

Did you try searching first? “Car Shipping Companies”, literally

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@realestinthegame might also scroll up on the very post they replied to…

He din’t reply. I moved it here from his now closed thread.

David transporter
(302) 314-2773

Tell them Jim the broker referred you. His prices have been insane. I don’t know how he ships a car from philly to Miami for $800. Philly to Cali for $1200. Every other company is at least 30% more


Thank you for all the help guys.

I can tell you right now I used them and I will do it again. David is very reliable.


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Hi. I wanted to buy a Chevy Camaro. Now I have the opportunity to buy it. This is Camaro 2012. I found the car in Henderson, Nevada, but the car’s not moving, and I need to use enclosed car shipping companies to get him to Los-Angeles. Maybe someone knows a good enclosed car shipping company?