Share my recent leasing story

How Story Starts: Thanks to the forum here and noticed people getting equity by selling leases to 3rd party dealers. Got a quote from Vroom on my X3 M40i lease and it has 8k+ equity over payoff, so decided to start search on next cars.

My Goal: We all know right now it’s a seller’s market, so I did not expect to get unicorn deals during this market. My goal was to get the equity, and then maintain the monthly payment close to what I’m paying now for my 2 leases.

My Current Lease: Got 2 deals back to 2019 ($300 530i and $494 X3 M40i)

My New Lease: Started to inquiry multiple brands, Audi, BMW, Benz, Volvo, Infiniti… Almost all of the dealers were not budgeting much, 10% off MSRP pre incentive was the most… Luckily got an Acura dealer who gave a good number on a 2020 MDX ($410), decided to sign it before the deal was gone. The next target was a sedan lease, given the crazy market situation, decided to change my approach to negotiate the deals. My goal was to keep my monthly payment to around $800 for 2 leases, so I started to ask around which dealer wants to offer a sedan lease with monthly payment below $450. It came down to Acura TLX with tech package and 3 series loaner. Decided to go with BMW eventually to continue the loyalty and signed this 3 series loaner ($410), also returned my 5 series lease to the same dealer.

Story Ends: Sold my X3 M40i to Texas Direct Auto (Vroom) and got my equity check right away. To be honest, M40i is the best car I have leased so far and a lot fun to drive. But also hard to say no to $8k+ equity :joy: Once BMWFS received the payoff check, I should also get the full MSD back on the lease, also hopefully to get low mileage credit as well, will see :slight_smile:

Tips: For folks in Texas, you can get the online quote from Vroom and then bring your car to Texas Direct Auto. They will honor the Vroom price (they are the same company now) and I also heard some folks were able to ask even higher price when working with Texas Direct Auto in person. Overall my process was pretty smooth, they even honored an expired Vroom quote and got my check on the same day, no need to wait for picking up the car, checks, etc.

Now it’s the picture time :wink: Will definitely miss my 5 series and M40i. And will wait for a good timing later to try to get another unicorn deal, hopefully the wait will not be too long :smiley: Again, thanks to the forum here and has learnt so much in past years. Happy leasing and happy hacking everyone :wink:




Nice deal! How much was your combined lease before? And how much profit did you make?

How was the process of selling the car ? Noticed BMWFS now has a sentence stating that pay off amount does not apply to 3rd party buyers. Did they give you a hard time at all?

Monthly payment at $749 for both leases before. And got almost 8.5k equity by selling the M40i :smiley:

Pretty smooth by dealing with Texas Direct Auto so far. Of course, BMWFS has not received the payoff check yet, TDA says it will take up to 15 days to send the payoff check. Just ask them to call BMWFS to get 3rd part dealer payoff quote, BMWFS will fax the payoff document to them and they will take it from there

The 3rd party payoff quote was the same as your (minus sales tax)? Considering doing this too, 2019 X6 with 13000 miles on it, looks like there’s a 3-4k in equity .

It was exactly the same as my personal payoff quote, guess because tax was calculated based on full selling price when leasing in TX

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wow, the pre pandemic price was crazy.

Happy to report that I finally got my full MSDs back from BMW FS and they applied the low milage credit on my new 330i lease. Everything was smooth and as expected. Great experience with Vroom (Texas Direct Auto) :grinning: