Signed! 2020 MDX FWD with Tech Package $410/mo. with $410 DAS

Got all the numbers aligned through emails and phone calls before walking into dealership today. Since it’s bit far from my place, they nicely offered an Uber ride to pick me up :smiley: Overall it’s a very good experience with them and they told me this is the only 2020 MDX they have with technology package. But they still have AWD Base model available which offered around $400/mo. with first month due only. Not a bad offer in today’s world…

I was hoping to get a red one, but they said it’s only available at another store in town, and given the current market situation, it’s not possible for them to request a trade.

The numbers are not exactly aligned with the calculator, but I adjusted it a bit to come out $410 monthly payment.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Acura MDX FWD with Tech Package
MSRP: $ 52520 (including $1995 dealer add on)
Selling Price: 42020 (20% off pre incentives)
Monthly Payment: $410
Drive-Off Amount: $410
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.0001
Residual: 52%
Incentives: $1500 (conquest credit) and Sales Tax Credit!!
Region: TX
Leasehackr Score: 10.8 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Nicely done! Congratulations and enjoy

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Sweet deal

How much was the actual msrp? Dealer add ons don’t increase the msrp.

How much in direct to dealer incentive was rolled into that selling price?

Good point. MSRP is $50525 and the dealer discount is $10200, before the conquest credit. And dealer add-on is $1995. Like I mentioned, the numbers are not aligned with the calculator 100%, but decided to take it since the volume of 2020 is getting smaller and smaller…

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There’s usually a pretty significant amount of direct to dealer incentive on these that gets rolled into the selling price in addition to any conquest/loyalty

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Autotrader shows 1,219 remaining 2020 MDXs in the US. Seems like a good lease option for those who want a three-row premium-badged SUV, given the scarcity of deals in the market.


Nice score! Enjoy!

yup you are right. I think it’s 3900 leasing incentives for tech package now. That was included in that 10k discount

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Good stuff… so for anyone trying to reference this in the near future, 9% pre-incentive and TX sales tax credits.



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Good deal I’d sign that today for a 2020 with tech package but even with a ton of old inventory in NJ none of these dealers want to move them. Got a bunch of Acura dealers all within a quick distance to my area and it seems they just want to sit on old year plus inventory. Maybe I’m missing something but with the 2022 out redesigned no one seems to be buying these, what gives with these dealers?


I saw similar inclination among the bay area dealers. My guess is that since the dealers are getting very few 2022 MDXs, they don’t have much incentive to move 2020s and sit on empty lot. Some of the dealers have just 1-2 MDXs in their inventory. The best deal I’ve seen here was 7% dealer discount before any acura incentive.


Which isn’t far off this deal

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Is the $410 including taxes?

yup, all tax and fees included

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Thanks. Congrats on a great deal.

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I’m working on unlocking a few more of these. If interested, lemme know and maybe we can group buy this deal. :sweat_smile:


I would be down for the same deal if I can get it in tristate area. Looks like that’s not gonna happen :sob:

The dealers won’t give these away if they don’t have to. I’ve been stalking inventory (There are a lot more base models than tech package out there) on some local Acura sites in NY (Westchester & Long Island) /NJ/CT. Remember, it is a seller’s market. Also, who knows how often inventory is updated on a dealer’s website? Dealers are flush with cash and can afford to sit on inventory. If worse comes to worse and Acura sees 2020 MDX inventory not moving, they can always throw more “dealer cash” at leftover 2020 MDXs. The dealer can punch the car as sold, pocket the dealer cash, add it to their loaner fleet, & sell it in 6 months as a CPO Acura.