NEW 2019 BMW 530i 62K MSRP - $300 Monthly with $1500 DAS, 7 MSDs - TEXAS

Brand NEW car with 10 miles only!! Messaged with sales person to negotiate the discounts and confirm all the incentives. Worked with finance person to finalize all the calculations. It took me 3+ hours in the dealership, but I feel total worth it :slight_smile: Does this deal deserve a unicorn icon? Especially in TEXAS? :wink:

Actually my current lease is not up until end of year, but cannot really pass the discounts and sales tax credit on the 5 series.

BIG THANKS to this forum, I literally use the Leasehackr calculator to discuss all the numbers with the finance person and see him change the numbers “magically” in the system.

2019, BMW, 530i, Convenience Package, Premium Package 2, HUD, 19’’ wheels, etc.

MSRP: $62145
Selling Price: $49716 (20% off before incentives)
Monthly Payment: $300
Cash Due at Signing: $1500
MSD: 7 ($2450)
Incentives:$5500 ($2500 lease credit, $2000 loyalty, $1000 OL) + Sales Tax Credit !!!

$1000 rebate from CCA (signed it up today at dealership)

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00205 (I know this is not the Buy Rate, but with that heavy discounts, I decided to live with it)
Residual: 66%

Region: TX
Leasehackr Score: ~14.2 years (Somehow I was not able to completely put the numbers all together to get the monthly payment match to penny :sweat_smile:)


Looks like a pretty damn good deal.

That MF is poison but WOW, How did you get 20% off of a new unit?

Great work!


:+1:t2: Where in Texas?

I was actually going to lease a loaner. But somehow I was told that loaner car is not counted into their new car sales number and they really need to push it. So they offered me the same discount on the new unit. Sounds great to me :smile:

I totally agree with the MF hit, but they basically let me go if I continue to ask for buy rate. At the end, it’s $800 difference and I decided to live with it. Also will get $1000 from CCA which the previous loaner was not qualified.


Houston. 10101010

Wow. That is an awesome deal coming from my recent experience with Texas dealers. What pill did you give to dealership to get this deal.:rofl:
If I may ask which dealership in Houston? Can’t be momentum, they are rude as hell.


You got a pretty decent deal yourself.

It’s exceedingly rare (OP, Go buy a lotto ticket, seriously) to get 20% on a new unit that doesn’t have flagship cash in the trunk.

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Lol. I am not complaining about mine. Just curious to know which dealer caved in. By now every dealership in texas knows me by name/phone/email.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Wondering the same thing… it can’t be momentum. If you don’t mind please PM me the name of dealer and the person helped you. I’ll appreciate it.

Enjoy the ride!


Would they be willing to ship to west coast? :smiley:

Great deal! Bummer about the multiple payments thru end of year.

Truly outstanding deal!

Just PMed. Enjoy the negotiation and good luck :slight_smile:

Just PMed. Good luck.

That’s true. Was worried that might not get the sales tax credit later this year. Well, who knows, maybe even better deal till end of the year :wink:

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Stellar deal on a 5 series… nice job.

This is a terrible deal. But because I feel bad for you, just transfer me this lease and try again! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, give me a few months to enjoy it first :wink:

great deal on a pretty loaded 5 series.