SIGNED - 2020 BMW X3 M40i - $494 $0 DAS 7 MSDs - TEXAS

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Have been inquiring X3 for couple months, finally decided to go with M40i given the increased incentives this month. I know it’s inflated MF here and they did not apply sales tax credit on the deal (it’s a big difference in TX…). But given the heavy discount they gave, I decided to take it this time.

Considering the $0 drive out with 35 months left, monthly payment is at $481 eventually.I cannot get the calculator match to penny, but it’s close…They actually had another quote on a X3 sDrive with $346 monthly and $0 DAS, eventually I decided to go with M40i for $150 more :joy:

Confirmed all the numbers through emails and phone calls, went in, signed, paid MSD, and go.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW X3 M40i - Brand NEW
MSRP: $63545
Selling Price: $50836 (20% off before incentives)
Monthly Payment: $494
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10K
Max 7 MSDs
Incentives:$5250 ($2750 lease credit, $1500 loyalty, and $1000 OL)
Region: TX
Leasehackr Score: 11.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Whoaa!! How did you pull off 20% off new unit?

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Deal sheet?

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Great job, some people can’t even get 20% off a loaner, this is legit insane.


Some folks here will be very surprised to know this came from an Autonation shop. (Please don’t ask which one; search the forum if you’re really curious)

Seen any green skies lately?

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I will post more pics in the trophy garage later… Also they did not want me disclose their info here…


Gorgeous color for one of these beauties. Enjoy!

Are they desperately trying to hit some bonus that they are literally throwing these away?

Let’s just say it’s not the first time I’ve seen this particular dealer blow their brains out on hot models.


Wish we had one of those here in NorCal…

Automation I believe has a very odd and random way of dynamically pricing their cars. One day a deal could be horrible and the next suddenly they’re offering 20% off (on the same car)

Officially yes but ultimately the Sales Directors or GM make the call to dump a unit at a heavy loss. The dealer took about a $6,000 haircut on this deal if you don’t count the markup on the rate (mostly to pay finance since Texas has low doc fees)


A lot of dealers in NorCal are autonation and I have reached out to them on numerous occasions. None of them are ever this aggressive. The most I was offered on x3m40i was 13% off and that was on unit that was sitting for 200+ days and had some miles on it.

Again, the algorithm they use is extremely odd and inconsistent - and is at the sole discretion of the GSM. If they can sell a ton of cars at 13% in that market and make a lot of money, why should they go lower?


Is Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk of this thing or something?

I cannot fathom:
(1) Why they’d literally light money on fire for a relatively popular model?

(2) How you even had the cajones to keep pushing to reach this point? You know they didn’t offer it up…


I’m dumbfounded. First that you hit 20% off a new 2020 m40i. Second they applied the full $1k OL code.
Third that this occurred at an Autonation dealership.

Mostly that this occurred at an Autonation dealership.


Definitely post the contract, you can blur out any identifying info. Otherwise, I think most of us are skeptics.

Great job. Enjoy your new car.

Surprisingly there are some Autonation dealers giving discounts. One of the best M3 CS deals was from a CA Autonation dealer. Also a broker advertises (or used to) from a NY Autonation dealer.

The ones I have been in contact with were horrible so far. :grinning: