HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

no i did it through them for a lease and have everything is writing. order 4/2

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You ordered on 4/2? I thought they switched to broker only for leases since then.

i definitely could be wrong. idk sorry just trying to help


Registration address
Same city and they gave me a hard time

“We won’t get reimbursed “

damn, I might need create a new one on my new address.

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I’m at almost 5 months, get in line and ready to wait. I still haven’t hit the production line yet.

what options did you get.

What did you end up doing? Were you able to get an order in somewhere before the order banks closed?

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Any news from May numbers?

Haven’t been updated yet. Give it a couple hours.

Picking up 4xe #2 today at Gupton…rolling the dice on May numbers lol, wish me luck!

Sold #1 on Friday once the registration came in the mail, this one I’ll keep until Toyota gets the pricing under control (under MSRP) for the upcoming Hybrid Tundra or Sequoia.


Friendly reminder all the docs can be found here when they come out.


Will we get May numbers today? I thought I saw Aprils were extended until the 3rd but I’m not sure if that means May won’t be out until then.

I don’t think they’ll be updated until tomorrow.

All the documents currently posted expire on May 2nd.

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You have nothing to gain by waiting for May numbers. There’s an acquisition fee waiver for all regions this month. Plus it’s highly unlikely the MF will become lower with interest rates increasing everywhere.


I’m hoping everything stays the same!

I can dream right?

I would be really surprised if things stay the same


agreed…wasn’t ‘waiting’ on May numbers…just the first date I was able to schedule pickup.

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Speaking as someone who ordered in early November, if I have to see the numbers change for the worse today or tomorrow that would be just too much of a kick in the nuts and I will end up canceling.

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