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Hey Everyone,

Most of you all know me, but I decided to make my own broker post as everyone has but me just so everyone knows who I am and what I do.

So I am a broker like various other people on this forum, my goal is to get you a great deal and for you not to have to worry about the hassle of negotiating. Even if you don’t need any help from me feel free to send me a PM on any advice or tips you need from me, i’d be happy to help.

My fee is a total of 250 as of now (locally it is something else). 100 in the form of a non-refundable deposit upfront, to make sure you are serious about brokering with me. Then you provide me a list of a few cars you’d like to have quotes on. Once I find your desired car, I get you all the necessary paperwork (insurance, credit check. etc). So when you arrive at the dealer everything is ready and pre-negotiated.

All you need to do (aside from signing any paperwork that must be done in person) is take your key, shove it into the ignition and go on your merry way!

Thank You Everyone,


PS: To provide the best service I only operate in the following areas, SOCAL, MA, NY, PA, and NJ.


So you don’t support push button start vehicles? Also, who is responsible for turning the key in the ignition?

JK - Real question - why not support NorCal?

You forgot to mention the cars that startup via app

I find that the dealers in SoCal are way more competitive and there are better deals to be had there. I don’t know, I wouldn’t feel good with myself getting someone into a bad deal that I know could be had for less in a different part of the state. I also don’t have as much familiarity with that part of the state versus LA.

Fair enough. So if we’re in NorCal - and willing to pick up in SoCal - we can use you?

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Yes, I’ve done a few deals for people in NorCal that have come down to SoCal to get the car.

I am in Henderson Nevada ( Pretty much same as Las Vegas). Could you help?

let @nyclife get you a good deal in SoCal and you go pick it up or have it delivered for a few hundred bucks. Will most likely beat any deal you can get in Nevada. You’re so close to the mecca CA of all lease deals.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

How do I get in touch with you?

PM me here, find my business page on facebook (link in my profile) send me a message there, or send me an email

@nyclife was trying to save you wear and tear on your keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

How much does apple charge that monthly? maybe i can get them down a bit. Better yet become a broker for wear and tear on apple products

Just PM’d you, thanks!

I vouch for @nyclife, great at communicating and giving you updates. Just pay the guy and you will not be upset.

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We are happy it is right for you but if you don’t post the numbers, we can’t show you how to get an even better deal the next time :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the review, It was a pleasure working with you.

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Quentin (@nyclife) helped broker a unbelievable deal for me on an 2017 RX 450h F Sport. I have been lurking on the forums for the past couple of months trying understand the leasing game better. Went to the dealer and the best I could get was $610/month with $2k down, sales price of $58,500 (~$63k MSRP) and the sales guy told me MSD was not worth it.

Contacted Quentin and I let him know what deal I got and asked if he could beat it. We went back and fourth for a couple of days and he finally was able to find a deal for me. Communication with him was very easy and he was always responsive. The deal Quentin got me was $499.99/month $7k due at signing ($4.5k in MSD), sales price of $58,199 ($62, 980 MSRP). It was a pleasure to work with Quentin. Would work with him again in a heartbeat!

I’ll post pictures later today.

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Do you mind sharing the deal? I’m also interested in X3 and I’M IN SOCAL