CARQ Brokering, [NY, NJ, PA, CT, VA, MD, DE + Nationwide Shipping (all but MA)]

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Hey Everyone,

Most of you all know me, but I decided to make my own broker post as everyone has but me just so everyone knows who I am and what I do.

So I am a broker like various other people on this forum, my goal is to get you a great deal and for you not to have to worry about the hassle of negotiating. Even if you don’t need any help from me feel free to send me a PM on any advice or tips you need from me, i’d be happy to help.

Thank You Everyone,




What parts of California do you focus on? I live in Northern California, but most good deals are in Southern California.

I do both, however, it really depends on brand. So my northern california mercedes deals are much better than southern california. Likewise, my southern california BMW deals are a lot better than northern california. So it really depends

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Bless each and everyone one of them for making our hackr deals possible. They’re the real MVPs :slight_smile:


Looking at your reputation on this forum, I may work with you near the end of summer if I don’t have luck on my own. Would you say your MB deals in NorCal are way better than socal ?

Let’s try to keep the thread specific to broker reviews so it’s helpful for other users later on. Nobody is going to want to read through 30 messages of banter.

If you had a bad experience, post the reason you felt the experience didn’t meet your expectations, and then allow him to either make it right or clarify why he wasn’t able to help. It should only take one single post to include specifics around why the experience was unsatisfactory.


@DizzyFish, @tarungos - this is Dealer/Broker Reviews thread. PM him directly.


With all questions contact @nyclife directly or PM him.

NYCLife helped me lease a Volvo S90 at one of the lowest prices I have seen on here. He was easy to work with, responsive and upfront. Worked with dealer to get them to accommodate an out of state buyer, even had them pick me up from the airport. Transaction was super quick. Even though I live 900 miles away from his operating area, I can see myself using his services again when my lease is up.


Please read the thread before posting questions about particular cars. And then contact him directly, his email is in the first post.

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@rkordefi reading is important. Highly doubtful you can get a luxury crossover at that price aside from Infiniti QX30 and 2018 QX50 though.

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@nyclife thank you so much on the great deal! Just leased 430xi with him. Nothing but great things to say. For those who are looking for a great deal defiantly contact him. I came across this site few weeks ago and figured to give him a shot based on prior reviews. emailed him got a response within few hours. Talked to him on the phone letting him know my needs and he found a car while we were talking! Transaction at the dealership was seamless and he even called us 2 times to make sure how everything was going while we are at dealer. A real professional will definitely recommend him to others and use him for all my future cars. truly a professional!

Leased a 2017 230i retired service loaner with 4700 miles by brokering @nyclife.

Hired him a month ago to see if he could match the RR Velar 559/month 559/drive off with any dealers in CA. Maybe about a week after I paid the retainer fee he got me a deal at Santa Monica LR for 562+tax/month 2k/drive off. Wasn’t the price I wanted so I passed.

In the month that I hired him, we both looked at quite a few options. Some pretty good deals but since my wife was going to drive the new lease she was being picky. He was very patient and straight forward. Fast forward to last week, end of March. I messaged him about my wife wanting a 2 series, had to be white on black with heated seats. 30 mins later I get a message with a link of the car. It had all the options BUT M Sport and the Adaptive headlights. I asked him if he could find me one with at least the headlights but those weren’t available anymore. Decided to take the car so the next day I got off work a bit early and uber’d from Los Angeles to San Diego to pick up the car (wife was in China for work). All paperwork was sent from me to Quentin to BMW. I just had to get to BMW to sign the finance paperwork. Spent about 30 mins arguing with the finance person that I did not want to purchase any type of extended warranty or tires and wheel package. Honestly you don’t need it unless you drive like a 16 year old and run the breaks down or speed over pot holes in LA.

Overall I think I got a pretty good deal. Monthly is at 397.xx tax included, drive off was 1200. Uber was 100. Service fee 400. Brings my 3 year 10k lease to about 444.xx a month. My wife loves it so I guess that’s all that matters.

I liked his service so much I told my little brother about him and this forum (he’s also looking to lease right now).

Thanks again Quentin! I’ll come back when my next lease is up. Still hoping for that hackr worthy Velar.

TL;DR 2017 230i white on black 397/month 1200/drive off retired service loaner. Easy to work with and great customer service. Would recommend him to anyone looking to lease.


Enjoy the car Michael! Good thing you got it when you did, the programs for the 2018 are awful


I deal with a bunch of dealers in the NY/PA/NJ/CT area.

Just a reminder that this thread is for reviews, not for individual questions or inquiries. Please direct those to nyclife via private message.


Just a quick review for nyclife . . .Just leased a volvo S60 and couldn’t be happier with Quentin’s service. I found him to be honest, transparent, and more than willing to provide solid advice in deciding between cars and potential deals. We avoided all the typical nonsense one deals with when negotiating directly at the dealer and ended up with a lease deal that blew others away (including costco). Be realistic and honest with Quentin and he’ll provide great advice and guide you to the best offerings within budget. My only regret is that I didn’t use him on prior deals!!!


Thanks Patrick, tell your mother to enjoy the S60.


I’m currently in the market for a new lease. Our current lease is an Infiniti QX60 which expires on May 25th, 2018. Our ideal car is a luxury 3 row SUV which I have listed out below some initial thoughts. If you have other recommendations we are open. We live in Southern, California and are able to travel if needed to pick up a vehicle.

Our payment goal is less than $600 per month. Are you able to assist with these brands of vehicles? If so, what are the associated broker fees?

1. GMC Yukon Denali or Yukon SLT Fully Loaded
2. Volvo XC90
3. Mercedes Benz GLS (AMG Body Style preferred, can't afford the actual version)
4. Infiniti QX80
5. May consider a loaded GMC Denali or Dodge Ram 1500 (2019) but the price would need to be near the $400-$450 per month to convince my better half. 

I would have PM’d you but could not figure it out. I also sent an email.

Thank you for your time,

Don M.