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Don’t post your questions here, contact him directly! This thread is for reviews only.


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I wanted to add to the @nyclife “fan club” – had a wonderful experience working with Quentin over the past few months to buy an X5. He was patient, highly informative, and most importantly a pleasant gentleman to interact with. There is no doubt that I will reach out to Quentin when I am ready for my next vehicle.

Here is our X5: Trophy Garage [ Photos ]

Keep up the good work my friend!


I have been on the road most of the summer, and my lease was up this week. (Volvo refused to extend it beyond the one 3 month extension they gave me).
So my ability to shop around or negotiate on my own was basically nil, even if I had felt capable or inclined to.

I contaced Quentin via email, and he came up with the S60 Inscription Platinum (with two colour choices, as it turned out!) in a few days, at a great price (with about 18% off the sticker price).

But most important, he made the entire process easy for me to do from the road.

I picked up the car yesterday (and that too was easy and smooth, and exactly as promised) and I can’t thank him enough.

I can’t recommend him more highly.

Thanks Quentin!


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Quentin helped to get me a 330 xdrive loaner. MSRP was 46xxx and I really wasn’t very picky, but it was 225 (including Taxes) for 15,000 miles a year.
Drive offs were due at signing. I did not do MSDs partly because the finance person didn’t have them set up into the deal, and I knew she wanted to leave and the deal was cheap enough. If I did do MSDs I think it would have been around 200 a month On a 46,xxx vehicle for 15,000 miles a year. So he is great at what he does, and was very pleasant and easy to deal with.


Didn’t end up leasing with Quintin but can absolutely attest to his knowledge and willingness to help. Solid dude, don’t hesitate to hire him.


Same for me. Privately messaged him. Initially responded quickly with short replies. Then just stopped responding. Not sure why. I tried following up multiple times in the private message thread since I was interested in the lease, but didn’t even have the courtesy to respond.


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Also outright ignored. Sent message through forums and through his Facebook account. Not a peep. If he only deals in high end luxury cars no problem but message someone and say you cannot help them. A quick 2 second blurb would suffice.


I’ve been very busy personally over the last month, which I’ve stated here. So I’ve really been only to clients who have sent me detailed and realistic expectations on what they are looking for. One liners, like “looking for X car, what price can you get me” I haven’t had the time to respond to, as that isn’t even how I operate my business. Enjoy your day!


Fair enough.


Where do you clarify that? In your OP, you only ask for a list of cars we’re interested in and so if that’s not what you’re needing/wanting, then what needs to be in the email?

Not being a PITA, but will be picking something up in the next 60 days or so.


Sorry, realized it wasn’t in here, but on another thread.

I can give you a range or tell you if your budget is realistic or not. However, I don’t go out getting quotes until my retainer is paid.


Over the course of the approximately 5 days you didn’t answer my private messages, yet you were posting quite often on the forums in general. As mikrodojr said, I don’t think its unreasonable to expect a 1 line sentence saying “sorry, not interested in doing business with you…too busy to take on new clients”.

You had a QX60 post which seemed to actively recruit new clients, so I think its reasonable to assume you wanted new clients.

In my messages I provided you with realistic expectations. I said I wanted the QX60 deal you posted. Wanted to see if you had any cars with the specific options I wanted. And then what the roughly payments would be for my state (I even provided you with the sales tax rate). I think that’s as simple as it gets.


My dealer didn’t want to handle your out of state registration.

I’m assuming you read the post, that said explicitly “New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut” and messaged me anyways not being in that state, letting me know later that you weren’t in there.

I mean even here it says that I don’t deal with your area. Why did you think I’d make an exception?

No clue why you had to create another review for services not rendered.


Then as soon as I said im located in Indiana, you responded with

“Okay it will be more for that area, just to let you know. 1k more, incentives are different.”

Not sure why you are getting upset. Usually if you are looking to get business from clients, you’d explain “hey, this was for NY/NJ exclusively”. But you literally responded with it would be more for my own state and that I would have to arrange my own shipping.


I recognize I made the mistake of messaging you, but you are a very rude person.


Then I brought it to my dealer, forgot to message you back (my fault), they said No.

I deal with other states as well for that infiniti deal specifically, anywhere outside of Northern NJ/Southern Ct/or downstate ny will be 1k more. For example, I deal with PA and its 1k more, that is specific to the Infiniti brand.

Thanks for assaulting my character, you’ve now posted three times… for a service you didn’t pay for. Kind of ironic I’m the rude person

If you’d like to continue this privately, I’d happily do so. At this point it isn’t a review, therefore doesn’t belong here.


I’m not assaulting your character, no need to exaggerate.

I posted an honest review.

  1. you dont answer messages and/or reply extremely delayed
  2. you don’t have the courtesy to tell people you aren’t interested in doing business with them.
  3. of course I didn’t pay for your services. You didnt do anything.

Thank you for owning up to your mistake (lack of responses). And in future, if there are people who mistakenly message you over a post, a simple “Out of state deals are excluded” would suffice. But in my case, you mislead me by saying it would be more expensive and I would have to arrange shipping.

I hope future clients see this aggressive behavior of yours. If you do decide to use him, please come to him with complete knowledge and exact description of what you want, or he may get upset with you.