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Hey there !
If you are reading this page, you either:
A) already know how Kool the experience was in getting a great lease deal from me :wink:
B) are probably trying to figure out if I can actually live up to my Kool name and deliver the deals I post

Although I joined LH in 2017, I have been brokering deals to my local clientele since 2015 and plan on doing so until I either retire or hit the lottery (should I ever get around to buying a ticket :grin: ). For now, on LH, I only provide broker services to members residing in Florida but I am quite active on this forum and always eager to help members on the “Ask the Hackrs” sub regardless of where they live.

While I specialize on deals for Infiniti, Honda and Lexus, I occasionally post deals for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other brands. You can either reach out to me by sending a PM here, or you can submit an inquiry on my website www.mzautoleasing.com. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for me to respond as I get a lot of inquiries.

My goal here is to provide you with the best deals and service possible and the below reviews will show you that I have always gone above and beyond to make my clients happy.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and thank you LH family !


Just a quick shout to @mani_is_kool. Thank you a ton for helping me get my Accord. For those of you in Florida looking for an excellent broker @mani_is_kool is certainly the guy to go to if you want excellent service. From beginning to end he kept it simple and straightforward. He had everything worked out so well that I was only at the dealer for 30 mins. It literally couldn’t be easier. Will definitely recommend all my friends and family to go to you Mani! Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to helping me get the vehicle I needed at a great rate.


Thanks for the kind words. Im glad, I could help you. Enjoy your new car !

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Kudos to Mani! Helped me renew my Accord lease without a hitch. Definitely going to use his service going forward and also recommend him to everyone I know.

Originally thought I was going to have an issue finding a pretty straightforward lease broker again after moving down from NY to FL but Mani is the right person to make deals happen quickly and correctly!

Thanks again and we’ll in touch for my Nissan lease renewal at the top of next year 2020!


Thank you for the kind words Sir ! And yes ready for 2020 !

@mani_is_kool is awesome! Helped me through my first lease! Was only at the dealer for about 45 minutes because Mani already set everything up. He was very professional and always available if I had any questions. Highly recommend!

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Thanks for the kind words! Always a great feeling to help them get their first car and that too a lease !!! Congrats and enjoy !

Shout out to Mani because mani_is_kool is cool!

Helped me lease a civic. No gimmicks, no surprises.

I am definitely going with his deals again in future.

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Thank you Sir. Congrats on the new ride !

Thanks to @mani_is_kool. Mani Helped me with my Accord lease, everything went smoothly and was at the dealer in and out in less than 1 hour. Thank you Mani!!

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Thank you Sir !

I just wanted to give a another recommendation for Mani. This is the 2nd vehicle I get thru him and this transaction was as flawless as the first one. They were waiting for us at the dealership and we were in and out in less than hour. When my wife’s lease is up in April, I will most definitely reach out to him again. Highly Recommended!

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Mani helped me secure a lease for 2019 Honda Accord LX. He was transparent and honest about the whole process, this was by far the easiest leasing process. I will be using Mani for all of future leases. Thank you Mani!! and looking forward to working with you again.

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Thank you. Im glad the experience was worth it. May you and the lady enjoy your new ride in good health !

Big thanks to @mani_is_kool! Got me a lease on my Honda Civic EX-L and walked me through everything. Was able to get the trim, color, and price I wanted and did it super quickly. Would definitely recommend him and will use Mani again for my next lease.


Congrats on the new ride ! Enjoy

Thanks @mani_is_kool!!. Walked me through the process for our very first lease. He found the trim and color we wanted for a very good price. Only a few days from 1st message to delivery. Wife is happy with her new ride and will be using Mani again when i’m ready to get a lease for myself.


May you and the Mrs. enjoy the new ride in good health ! Thanks and yes looking forward for the next one !

Mani is awesome! We just picked up our new CRV EX. Leasing a Honda in Florida can be tough, but he made the process so much easier! Thank you!


Thank you Karl. Hope your Mom loves the new car. May she enjoy in best of health.

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