LeaseHero’s SoCal Hyundai Specials - EXPIRED

As of now, we are no longer working on Hyundais! Please visit our other manufacturer links for competitive pricing!

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What incentives get you to $4980?

Hi Jeffloan,
The lease rebate and the lease bonus cash add up to $4980.

Any good deal on the 2.0T?

Thanks!!!.. Just the standard rebate? Or is loyalty in that # too?

I haven’t run the numbers for a 2.0T. If you would like to text me the price you are looking for, I could see if I can make it happen.

Hi Jeffloan,
These are standard rebates for the Presidents Day Weekend.

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Is hyundai MF usually higher than market? 0.00237 (5.6% APR) seems high for a lease.

Are boostup and uber dead for stacking?

Are those incentives are available on the 2.0T? Thanks

I’m interested in the leather option. How much more that would be? Thanks!

Updated for march! Incentives got better and prices went down!

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one of your listings in the OP says “NEW Hyundai Limited”… either theres a cool new car called limited, or you’re missing the model :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha caught me while I was updating and adding more cars, thanks for the heads up!

Why no electric or hybrid deals?

Newbie question: What is included in the drive off $2000?

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Tax, title, registration, first month payment, acq fee, with some cap cost reduction

So not the bank fee ?
I think this community likes deals without cap cost reduction.
Also, strict SoCal only ?

Acq fee refers to bank fee. And yes I understand, that is why I put the calculator links. Feel free to adjust the cap cost to whatever you’d like and I’ll work it out. Strict California residents only.

Thank you. I see the tax is 7.75

Any thing for Santa FE XL ?