Just purchased my 2019 S560 -$65000

So I just purchased my 2019 Benz S560 from MBFS via a PenFed loan check. The total was $65,000 and I actually purchased the car 1 month prior to my lease ending.

I wanted to see what’s the best strategy to try to sell this car for about $75,000+. It has 37,000 miles and was a S560 that was pretty loaded with upgraded sound system, AMG package, executive interior and matte white paint - It’s MSRP was 133k.

I also have the new S580 coming in for me in about 4 weeks. It’s 147k, built exactly how I wanted it. From my research, it will probably lease for 48 months, 10k a year, 4,000 drive off, 2200-2300 a month.

The deal isn’t good but also don’t want to drive this existing car for another 2-3 years.

Any advice wound be much appreciated.

I would look at offers for the ‘19

Since it was a model change year - offers may be depressed- S class is a vanity buy -

If the offers on the ‘19 don’t make sense - flip the new one -

I think $2k on a lease is entering supercar money based on 2019

It’s crazy that the cost of a S Class went up 100% lol

What offers have you received from carmax, autonation etc?

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Get some offers from wholesalers too.

I like that the S class is taking up multiple compact car spots. Kidding but I hope you got offers from the major buyers before purchasing the car


My plan was to wait until late next week and then get some offers from dealers and Carmax, Vroom and others, as those offers are only good for 7 days. Until I get the title there’s not an option to sell the car,

The other option is to place it on Car Gurus and see what happens, you cannot find my car for sale with all these options for less than 75k

In regards to lease payments on S classes - My 2015 S class was for $1500 a month, My 2019 lease was for $1700 a month - Generally a well-equipped S class leases around these rates

The super cars you guys were mentioning start at $4000 a month in reality to lease, There used to be a time where you can lease a Porsche 911 turbo S for about $3400 a month, not anymore

My back up plan is just to give the car to my cousin and have him drive it around and take over the payments, but would rather sell it and make 10k.

So I guess my main point is when the title comes I have a few days to sell the car without having to pay taxes correct?

I’ve gotten multiple quotes, a few days apart, regarding the same car and the offers were pretty close. I don’t know whether 75k is reasonable or not but I would suggest you get offers before buying car in the future. You’ll know if you’re in the red or not before buying


Not really I had a a S-Class blowout for $600 - zero down

The sad part was that the guy who took it jerked me out the fee by writing a fake email lol

I was too trusting of some of these scumbags lol


NJ autolenders tend to give high estimates:

Maybe try bring a trailer website or cars and bids.

The issue that I see is that most S classes are not equipped like mine meaning I have about $20,000 in extra options versus your base model S class that most people drive, Some of these options should maintain some value when the car is being sold

Unreal. Reading about past deals like this makes me even more depressed about current state of market.

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Most money spent on options is lost, like tears in the rain. You would probably have to sell to an MBZ enthusiast, who would recognize the value, to maximize your sale price.


You are gonna want to use something like Cars and Bids which is the goto for overpriced cars now.


We have two BMW M340i in the household, one stripper ($56k sticker) and the other is fully loaded ($70k sticker). Both are the same MY and have approx the same mileage. When we go to ask for offers on both VINs the largest difference came at about $2.5k, sometimes as low as $100 lol.

Moral of the story if your intent is to flip/resell going for the highly equipped models is a bad idea. Some brands like Audi give you a heads up when you try to lease their Prestige units which have a 2% knockdown in residual. For BMW and MBZ the residual is only dictated by drivetrain/engine type.


if you understand how lease works, it’s impossible to get a car that’s over 100 k for 600 a month, someone is making a mistake or talking about maybe a base e class at 60k

The S560 never leased well, but if you could find a 30% discount on a S450, you could put together a lease that is almost impossible in today’s market.

I stayed away from the S-Class because the depreciation is absurd. It’s like burning money. Even the new EQS has RVs in the low 40’s for most lease terms.

You will not see a significant return on your options in the secondary market. Generally, if one is considering value, it is much better to move up a trim class (S63) – then load up a mid level trim. But your not really buy a S-Class for value…


I remember the days of the cheap S class leases.


We’ve had multiple S Class leases since 2004 and I agree, $600s on one is definitely not possible.

Edit: There’s a world of difference between the V6 and V8 on these cars.

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Nope. We’ve had sub $600 7 series, $600 S classes, and more. We got one a 1k/month on a V8 with first due.


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