🥇 ATTENTION NORCAL: NYCLIFE 2019 Benz Blowouts, S450, 639+ inceptions + msd. [CA]


We work with a plethora of dealers, and are bound to find a car that meets your needs. Part of the reason we get the best pricing is the volume of deals and great relationships we have with our dealers, leading to you, the buyer, getting the best deal possible.

Lease Consultant in Tri-State. Based out of NY, this is CA
Our Mission: The best car buying experience at the lowest price possible!

Instagram: @_car_q
My email is: qobrien.carq@gmail.com

What’s the process?
First, we find the car you are looking for and confirm numbers with you to make sure is to find the car you are looking for and at the price you are looking for. Once confirmed, we ask for $100 upfront.

After the retainer fee is paid, I will send you a link to a dealer credit app, 100% secure to input your information.

Once approved, we schedule a time for you to pickup the vehicle! Once picked up the remainder of our fee is due and you are on the road in your brand new car!


Is shipping available to NV?

Must pickup.

Fixed the link, sorry guys!

Is the one for 639/mo sold?
It’s marked as sold on your google sheet

It shouldn’t be, I’m not seeing it as sold on my side.

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My mistake. I was looking next to the other S class at the bottom.

Ooops, removed those :grimacing:

Did a pretty quick copy/paste

Best deal I’ve ever seen on an S class. Well done!

Thank you! If it were on my side of america, I would stack on the 4k loyalty and it would be in my driveway right now.

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If it weren’t for COVID I’d say fly out and make it a roadtrip!

It says Loyalty is included in the deals, but for BMW… you might want to update that section. What types of incentives are offered, if any on these deals?


Removed :grimacing:

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On another site. It says 4000 is for the S560, and $1000 for the S450

Ooops, you are right…

:slight_smile: Just PM’d you about the M4 you have. Let’s get that deal moving.

I dm-ed and emailed you. Please respond and let me know if the A class is still available!

A few of the MB leases I have been seeing come through lately make me think…Will MB become the new darling of LH and supplant BMW as the possible hackers car of choice?

I would like that… Time to change from one German to another… :slight_smile:

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are these deals in california norcal? Will the pickup be norcal as well?