2019 s450 MSRP 105,950 DEMO

thank you leasehackr just snagged similar deal on a 2019 s450 today as well! MSRP 105,950 and paying $830 a month including NY taxes for 7500 miles 36k months!


Don’t be shy, post that baby!

just sent paperwork to dealer today via fedex express and then shipping the car to me in NY hope to have it by the end of the week thanx to leasehackr!!

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Fantastic deal. Trying to convince the wife to get one instead of a boring mom crossover. No love for sedans anymore…

gonna be my second car gave up my 2019 M5 competition 2 weeks ago via lease transfer and got a 2020 Porsche 911 cabriolet

Could you share dealer and name of the person that helped you please.


Sure got it from
MB of Columbus Missouri. Happy to share my salesperson info if want. Please Message me

Was this the 19 demo they had? Or was this a new stock?

Demo 3345 miles

Great deal… but armic got you beat, probably because of NY tax …

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Agree but best I could get considering I’m in NY and no dealers on east coast had one left

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Not much of a competition as both as solid winners

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