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I have a referral program. Any lease referral you send me after you lease a vehicle from me I pay you $100. If you never leased from me then it’s $50 for the first and $100 for any subsequent ones. Great way to make some extra cash! Please send any referral the link to my post to save both of us some time. Also must include name of referring party initially.

I consult on all Toyota deals for free, which includes pulling quotes for the vehicles you want, tax/tags fees included. I do not send out calculators or give out mf, residuals etc until my fee is paid.

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My friends dad wanted to buy a highlander. He went and got atrocious local offers (dealer in bklyn literally asking sticker). I texted Jim and within a couple hours locked down a deal on an XLE for over 15% off. Woulda been a bigger discount but my friends dad wanted virtually every add on (tow hitch, running boards, roof bars, protection pkg etc)

Was even gonna arrange delivery from Philadelphia at an discounted rate but buddy’s dad opted to go down to pick up.

Super seamless deal. Thanks Jim!!


Jim was able to get me a deal on a trd off road Tacoma that saved me THOUSANDS. I am located in Utah and no dealer could even get close of the deals Jim has. Ironically people were telling me it was going to be a scam because “it was to good to be true.” Well I am here to tell you that I flew across the country, got to the dealership, signed everything, no hidden fees or anything (was exactly the payments that Jim told me) and was out of there in 20 minutes and road tripped the truck home across the country (yes, after flights, gas to drive from Philadelphia to Utah, I was still saving thousands compared to getting my truck locally)

I never thought I’d lease a vehicle because almost every time you’re better off financing, but with how easy and the deal Jim got me, I will without a question be doing business with him again.


You’re the man! What an epic road trip! You are more than welcome. It was a pleasure working with you.

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Jim is the man picked up my Tundra last night. I was in and out in 45 min and that was because they were busy. No hidden anything just a straight up great deal.
Now i have others looking to buy.

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Picked up my Tacoma yesterday and love it. Was in and out of the dealership in 30 minutes. Great group of people working there. Everything Jim told me was straight. Nothing hidden and no BS. You looking for a Toyota, Jim is the man.

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Thanks joe! Glad I was able to get you the exact truck you wanted. We were also able to get him an extra $500 off bc his lease return had some positive equity!


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Jim worked an epic deal on my Tacoma. I’m a total noob when it comes to leasing and Jim made sure I knew about all the options. In the end, this was a ridiculously easy transaction to complete and I am thrilled with all of it.

No doubt I will be doing business with Jim again, and will absolutely refer friends and family.

Thanks Jim.



Thanks ted. Was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy the truck!

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As a reminder…this is a review thread. If you have specific comments/questions/etc on a particular deal/experience, PM the user.

Jim is the man. I got a ridiculous deal as well. Good for you pal.

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Picked up a Tundra TRD Off Road Sport on Wednesday. Excellent Deal and everything at the dealer was seamless. Flew in from Minnesota to Lease. Wish I would have known about Jim years ago. So much money wasted on vehicles that could have been saved!
Definitely recommend.


Beautiful truck. Thanks!

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Jim is great to work with. No bs got me a killer deal on a bmw 328d…thanks for sharing the deal. Jim’s the man!

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Jim is the man… hooked me up with an amazing deal on a new BMW 328d well under the 1% rule (.35% to be exact.) Super responsive and easy to work with and was clear he wanted to get me the best deal possible, even if that meant I got a better one than he got a week earlier on the same car. Will definitely work with Jim again in the future and send friends his way especially since he’s a fellow Penn Stater.

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You def got a better deal then me! All good though, glad you’re happy and the car worked out. Let me know when the first 3series diesel club meet is!


Got a great deal on a highlander se w nightshade package working with Jim. Would definitely recommend for the ny-md area. Had a bit of a hiccup at pick up with the dealer, but Jim went out of his way to make it right. Would not have gotten close to where I wanted to be price wise with my local dealers. Thanks, Jim!

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