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Just picked up my 2018 BMW that Jim helped me get to the deal that I wanted. He was super helpful and patient with me as I am new to this whole process. Would def recommend him to everyone and anyone that is looking for a great deal on a great car. 10 out of 10!!


Just wanted to leave a quick review for Jim and commend him on amazing service that he provides! I’ve been shopping around for a new car lease and Tundra was not something that I would normally consider but considering the deal that he was able to get me it would have been criminal to pass up on it!

He was very patient and responsive in his communication and helped me find the exact configuration that I wanted. I drove to PA from Long Island and was in and out of the dealership in less than 45 mins!! Everything was ready to go when I got there and no issues whatsoever.

Highly recommend his services to others!!


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It was $362/mo. Tax/tags/fees included. Just first months payment down. So no real down payment to clarify. That’s an sr5 sport crewmax, 5.7L. Hit me up when you’re ready!

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Got Tundra SR5 Sport 2 weeks ago MSRP 48,xxx+ for less than $350. More likely hair over $300. He responded all my text pretty quick for about 10 days. To be honest I thought I was getting scammed but yeah I have the truck. Only downside was I had to fly in and drove about 14 hours back :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy it!!! That’s my most common complaint with these prices is people thinking it’s a scam. Haha.

Picked up a great lease deal on a Tacoma through Jim yesterday. Awesome price. Jim was very responsive and everything was exactly as he indicated. Would highly recommend.


Jim was fantastic to work with! He got an awesome deal for me on a Rav 4 but it didn’t work out unfortunately due to various reasons (my insurance policy not covering gap insurance etc.). He returned his fee, no questions asked. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business with him again!


My Jim Story:
First of all I can not stand the process of buying/leasing automobiles.
But my son needed a vehicle, in particular a mid-size pick up, for work.
Started researching and stumbled upon Jim Rouleau here at Leasehackr.
Thoroughly read everything to do with Jim.
Decided to contact him via his method of Text. Not my Style at all, like to do business the old fashioned way.
After multiple texts, not all of which I fully understood, Jim gets me zeroed in on a Tacoma, with a Price and details that were almost too good to be true.
Once I agreed to Jim’s fee (which is refundable if you do not make a deal) he directed me to a Dealer and provided contact info for the sales manager. You may get a bit frustrated with the shadowy communications, but for me, it worked.
Arrived at Dealer, met sales manager, assigned a sales guy, and started looking a the Six Trucks that met our needs and Jims Leasing numbers. Jim had previously communicated with the manager regarding the transaction and he was prepared for our visit.
After selecting the Truck, the sales manager ran my sons credit and presented Lease costs & details from several Banks.
Our Deal on a 2019 Tacoma SR5-
Listed at $37,400.00.
Zero money down.
(Used the Toyota Multiple Security Deposit Program to reduce the payments even more)
$250.00 per month payment.
24 months.
15,000 miles per year.
I am 100% Satisfied with Jim and the Dealer he worked with.
This transaction occurred in the Philadelphia suburbs.


I can definitely do the old fashioned method. However I get no less then 30 texts a day. So until I know someone’s serious, texting really is easiest! I have no problem taking calls though. Just in this field there’s a lot of tire kickers. Also with texting I have a history of our communication. That way there’s no misunderstandings. So when you text me, I’ll give you the bottom line pricing from the gate, no negotiating necessary. If you like that pricing tell me and we can 100% move on to phone communication if you prefer! Please just tell me if you don’t like texting! I’m an old millennial, 36 yea old, so I grew up with both modalities. Text and talk!

Thanks for your business! Glad we could get you what you wanted!!!

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Great guy to work with, made everything easy and found my friend an amazing deal at Silver Spring BMW in MD.

Salesman he introduced her to was also super polite and helpful.

Finance manager Allen Kim however charged her the full incentives she qualified for to her Credit card. We caught this the same day and called the salesman back and he had no idea what we were talking about as paperwork didn’t show it. We got him and allen and the general manager on the phone and it took threatening to bring the car back for allen to admit that he did not have authorization for that and that he made mistake charging her the $4400 that was not shown on any paperwork, nor was a receipt provided. Literally took 35 mins of arguing to explain that we know incentives do not mean “money we take from your account for a downpayment” . Paperwork was signed and looked over before she bought a ticket to fly out and drive to 750 miles home.

So 4 weeks later, Allen calls and emails again saying she owes him a few thousand because he calculated the tax for Chicago residents and being in the suburbs came out to a few thousand more, which is completely the opposite, we have both a Chicago address and suburb address that we have all 15 or so of our cars registered to for that exact reason. We sent the entire experience to BMW NA and told him not to contact us again.

Just crazy to me that such a large dealer can have someone trying to scam the same customer multiple times

So sorry this happened. I never used this dealer before and several other people I referred there for the same bmw deal didn’t have an issue! If something doesn’t sound right, never sign! I’m glad it was all worked out and you got your super cheap 328d lease!!!

I don’t typically deal with bmw so these issues would never happen on my Toyota deals!

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Yea it was surreal, they called her today asking to not call bmw about it and to send them a check made out to the dealership. Then they also emailed her saying they sent out new contract for her to sign and if she doesnt she will be late on payments.

BMW financial has no idea what they are talking about.

Happy with the car and price, not happy with the mutliple attempts to scam her.

And for the first time, the contract she signed didnt show the $4400 down, and the finance manager just took it with no paper record, we had to send a picture of the credit card statement to prove it because bmw financial and the dealership itself did not believe us about the charge since it was not on any contract, nor was a receipt of any sort provided.

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I just picked up my Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD Off road! The whole process was smooth! Jim answered all my questions pretty quickly thru text and when I paid his fee, he contacted dealership to secure price. I showed up at dealership and was in and out within an hour. The easiest car leasing experience I’ve had! And the price actually came in under what he quoted me. Thanks Jim!

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Flew out of Michigan to go pick up a Tundra Crewmax TRD Sport, and couldn’t be happier. Jim was professional from start to finish, and the dealership staff was equally easy to work with. The numbers he puts up on this site are EXACTLY what they’re going to be when you sign, and the dealership didn’t pressure me to do any add-ons. I was in and out with keys in hand in exactly 24 minutes. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jim again! Oh, and I’ve never spoken to Jim at all. Everything was done over text. It was the same with the dealership. Just the way I like it.


This is a review thread only. Any discussions should happen via PM.

Another happy Tundra TRD Sport owner! I flew from Boston to Philly yesterday and drove the truck back to New Hampshire.

MSRP: 49k
Monthly: $335.00
Term: 24/10
DAS: 0

Jim was great to work with and the same goes for the dealership. Highly recommended!


Looks great! Glad you like it. Thanks again!!!