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If there are any Subaru dealers in the NY tri-state area with similar deals, please share!!

I have similar deals!! Just don’t post subaru. Do them on a client by client basis

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I’m trying to stay around 400 for a SUV, but 494 a month for a X5 is verrrrry tempting. Nice car! congrats

Wow, ride looks sexy!

And, damn those big houses, mind if I ask which area is this?

(cries internally being in SF bay area shipping container homes)

Southern part of NJ

These are some amazing deals!

I have a lease coming due in June, so 3 more lease payments. I know BMW is ending lease service on 2018 models at the end of this month so it may be the best time for a great deal on 2018s. Would you guys recommend just eating the lease payments (about $1800 left, which includes tax) and getting in a 2018 deal (loaner or new - mainly looking at X3m40i or 5 series)?

Or do you think it’s worth waiting since there’s no pull ahead program and that’s essentially another $1.8K down? My gut is telling me the deals in June won’t be as good, especially given there will only be 2019 models, but not sure if it’s worth eating the $1.8K now, but curious to get your thoughts here.

Don’t post the same question in multiple threads. I created a post for you.

sorry about that, thought the question was different enough but understood!

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I sent you an e-mail, just posting here as a notification in case my message got sent to your spam folder.

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@Sharif @kirbypuckett

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Sent an email as well

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email sent, please check and let me know.


This is for reviews. Let the dude get back to you or follow up on emails. LTR

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Knowing that someone doesn’t reply to emails or isn’t timely about it…that’s actually useful information for potential customers

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Very true, but you don’t need to post once you’ve sent an email. I have a bunch of people that have posted “sent pm or email please check” four seconds after they sent it, which isn’t helpful.


This has scam written all over it.

Until you rescind this requirement, your threads are closed.

This is your second warning btw.


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He needs to learn from @nyclife and @Benedetto - how much time they spend educating people before charging them.

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