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What were the numbers? 6 or 8 cylinder ?

Hey sorry for the delayed response. It’s the 6 cyclinder.

The numbers were provided by the calculator elegantautoleasing provided on his post… just adding $30 more a month because I wanted the M-Sport package. In his calculator, you’ll have to add tax for your state.

I tried to copy the link he originally posted below:

Since I decided to get the M-Sport package, I don’t have all the numbers for the calculator, but here is what i do have:

MSRP: 73,510
Sale Price: 62,918
RV: 59%
MF: ? (not sure)
Lease credit: 3k
Loyalty credit: 1k
Monthly payment: $624 + tax
Drive-Off: $2.55k (FIRST MONTH, $400 DMV, $599 DOC, $925 BANK FEE)

Hope this helps.

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great deal…will be contacting them for new x5 or x7

Thanks for posting your experience. It was helpful to me as I live in Utah too. Based on all the stuff I’m reading I’m considering doing the same thing. Especially if I find a similar deal on a TRD Pro Tacoma or 4Runner.

Noted. TRD Off Road works for me too. I’ll keep my eye on your deals.

Pros lease nothing like these deals. 650-700/mo

Really sorry you guys have to deal with this but the said fact of reality is that, regardless of how many times you post against this practice, there will likely STILL be people that DGAF and attempt to do an end around in order to try and save a couple of bucks.

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