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Hi all, I am making a review post for anyone who has used my service and wants to provide an honest review of the services rendered, good or bad.

If anyone has any questions, or wants to reach out, I am always available by PM.

I service the below states and charges the below fees:

States Serviced for Personal Lines (Homes + Auto + Toys + Personal Umbrella, etc) : NY, NJ, FL, PA, MA
States Serviced for Commercial Lines (Businesses, Buildings, Commercial Auto, etc) : NY, NJ, FL, TX, PA, MA, ME, DE, MD(Excluding DC), VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, IL, OH, MI, NM, AZ, NV, CA.

Fees Charged for Personal Lines : $0
Fees Charged for Commercial Lines : $200 for the first year only to cover expenses for the life of the business (auditing, payment help, followup of pending/outstanding notices)

Broker License : BR-1427237
6+ years in business


Josh is the man. He got me a great quote and deal to sign within 3 hours, even applying the Defensive Driving course post contract. The absolute lowest quote by miles, and he is an incredibly caring and helpful guy. Right after I got in my accident, he called me and gave me the rundown on what to expect, what to do, and provided an open line of communication for any needs at all.

Really happy I found him here, saved me thousands, and saved me stress. If you need insurance, use this guy.


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Josh is great. Very responsive and helpful. He also beat quotes that I received from many insurance companies. He is a class act. If you guys need insurance I would recommend reaching out to Josh He may be able to save you more than a few bucks.

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although josh wasnt able to get me a better rate than a major carrier, he was able to answer all of my questions and was responsive throughout. overall great experience - would recommend at least having a conversation w/ him.

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Josh is phenomenal. Responsive, professional, and super friendly, he’s able to save me $1700 a year on my policy (I know, I know, many people pay less than $1700 for their policy. Being younger with limited US driving history and a sportier car will result in high premiums even with 0 tickets or accidents).
Highly recommended!

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Josh has just helped me with my auto, home, and umbrella policies. It took less than two days from our initial contact to finalizing new coverage, saving me about $1k of annual premium. He is very professional, responsive, and patient in answering all my questions throughout the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to price-shop insurance in the tri-state area.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say what great service and pricing Josh was able to provide. I’m new to the site but figured it couldn’t hurt to reach out to him to inquire about insurance for my new Q7 P+ (thanks @nyclife - review coming) and existing cars. Josh was able to get me insurance with Kemper for 3 cars at higher coverage and add an umbrella policy for close to $1600 less than what Geico was offering me. Also, I changed my homeowners policy which gave me a lower deductible. All around a smooth process and quick response from Josh. Thanks again!


Josh just helped me and my family saved almost 40% on auto insurance. He is extremely easy to work with and very patient when answering my questions (I had a lot of questions). I would recommend everyone who is in the market of switch auto insurance or any other insurance at least give a try to see how much Josh can help you save.

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Unbelievable how much I saved with Josh. Got me down 30% on my insurance. Would definitely recommend anyone talking to him. He is very responsive with emails and phone calls.

I can’t thank Josh enough! He’s super responsive, and very patient. He answered all my questions and concerns. And he slashed my premium for 2 cars down to $2,900 from $4,200 while raising the coverage! He also helped my in laws and parents reduce their premiums significantly.

Josh is the real deal. Very friendly, extremely responsive, and professional. I was skeptical at first about lowering my premium by almost 50% a year but when Josh put it in writing and showed of a quote, I became a believer. I highly recommend Josh for your insurance needs.

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