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Please PM me your #. Looking for a lease.

Hi Josh. Do you work nationwide or only NY / NJ. Thanks!

Link please :slight_smile:

can you pm the name of the dealer ? thx !

Link me please

Am shopping for a new insurance broker. Hit me up via PM.

Hello, can I get a copy of the spreadsheet? Thanks!

Hi Cody, could I get the link for this month. Thanks!

Could I also get a link to the current month’s incentives? Thanks!

Congratulations. Can you please pm me info of dealerships n contact info. Thank you

Hi Kubikdanon,
I’m looking for a 2019 BMW X5 in midwest (if possible in close to Chocago) area. PM me if have any.
I can be reached at 847514567eight.

@temp1001 Which dealer on Long Island did you get this deal from?


I sent you a private message.

also was interested in this deal, which dealer on Long Island?

Link Please

Link Please.

Can I have link? Thanks!

Can I have a link? Any deals on an x7?

Link please

Link pls thank you