Free Auto Insurance Quotes No Broker Fees - Save on your Auto Rate

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I am here to offer everyone a FREE of charge, no obligation, no pressure insurance quoting process for all members here. I’m open to discussing anything insurance related, how we can save you money, discussing your current coverage limits and whatever else you guys can think of.

A perk with auto insurance is that you will incur no penalties/fees for cancelling early if you find a better rate with me, your old company will prorate for the number of days you used their coverage. We do not have to follow the effective dates on your current policy.

I currently do not charge any broker fees for personal insurance

My current companies include but is not limited to the following:
Chubb, Travelers, Safeco, Utica National, Plymouth Rock, Mapfre, Progressive, National General

I do request a few things however:

  • Do not hide drivers, do not hide incidents - the insurance quoting systems are able to pick this up anyways so please be upfront with me for all information I request
  • I do not write minimum limits
  • I respond to everyone all hours of the day every day of the week, however my operating hours are from Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM
  • Don’t commit fraud, it doesn’t help your case at all if you were to ever make a claim

When reaching out please provide the following in your PM to expedite the process information gathering process.
How many drivers in household:
Current Insurance Company:
Premium Paid:
Any accidents/tickets in the past 5 years for any driver in household:

I also do commercial lines insurance and homes with super competitive companies as well, I am open to discussion on those by PM (commercial insurance is actually where I’m focused)


Only for states tagged or do you service other states too?

pmd for details

Only for states tagged for now, I am licensed in 20 states for commercial lines of business but am lacking a bit of capacity on the personal auto.

Check dms, need help asapppp

Working everyones requests now - I am working on them by PM order received

Register as a broker and open your thread in the Marketplace

If anyone has PMd me or emailed me and did not receive a response, please PM me again, I apologize in advance if I did not have a chance to get to you.

Hopefully the ones I worked with were happy with the service, even if I was not able to help you with your rates.

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Happy Sunday, who can I help today? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Josh!

I’ll bite. Please email me @ and I’ll send you my existing policies.


Mike, sent you an email, thanks!

sent you PM. let me know next steps

NYC 5 boroughs + Nassau residents, reach out to me!
We are very competitive and targeting this area specifically

Still targeting NYC and Nassau! Offering one year quotes to lock in your rate for a year instead of dealing with increases every 6 months.

Also able to provide competitive commercial insurance solutions and home insurance as well, reach out to me for a free discussion

Updated original post with a mini-intake form to expedite information gathering process, it’ll help to get things going quicker between both parties.

I know Chubb well, and they provide great insurance and coverage, but their prices are usually very high, do you agree based on your business?

I have Liberty Mutual now, have had them for 20+ years, they’ve always provided good pricing, but noticed in the past 5-6 years I need to price check them to get them in line.

I see you mentioned Kemper is hot, I’ve never heard of them for insurance and wonder what you and other members experience with them might be. Either way, I think it’s time to compare companies.

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Yeah, Chubb is a premier name brand insurance company and for that the insureds have to pay for.

I recommend everyone to atleast shop their insurance every couple years to see rates with other companies because gradual increases every 6 months or year can certainly price you way higher than the competition without you realizing it.

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I’m probably gonna need your help. Still waiting for my insurance stuff to shake out after an accident last month.

Wondering if any one knows a decent insurance broker who can help a brother out? I feel I am getting ripped off on it right now.

Still targeting NYC + Nassau and Suffolk.

I saved myself over $1,000 a year from moving to Kemper (yearly $1,500) from Geico (yearly ~$2,800) with 250/500/250 limits.