Information on Toyota Truck Leasing in Texas

Information on TOYOTA TRUCK Leasing in Texas

If you are looking to lease a Tundra on 24/12k mile, your payment is between $450 - $475.
For Tacoma Lease, it is well over $500.

Still better than $800 above payment that you will pay on 72 months term for Tundra and it is better than $700 above payment that you will pay on 60 months term for Tacoma, but if you do not want to pay that, I suggest you wait it out until mid July to late July until the inventory gets replenished.


Hi, Are you deals regional or nationwide? Looking for a 2020 Toyota Tundra SR5 CrewMax. I am located in Seattle area.

@derekoh1991 Your edits are out of control. Please limit them or your thread will be locked.


Curious as well.

@seahawks - have you not had any luck with WA and OR dealers?

April Update is up! Please take a look at my inventory on my website and give me a text!

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Didn’t honor the deal that was in the spreadsheet
Was going to buy today,
Then the spreadsheet was updated again today to show prices much higher than we agreed to.

Update 4/17:
Gave Derek another shot. The last deal didn’t go through due to Coronavirus throwing a wrench into things.

I bought a Tundra today with Derek. No problems, no funny business, no bait and switch, and an easy time through the finance department at the final portion of the deal.

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It’s my fault. I am to blame. I apologize.

It’s 35% updated. Only 4Runners and Tundaras are updated with a new update from my management.

@trusted_hackrs where is this dealers review thread? I thought all dealers are supposed to have a review thread available upon getting registered, so people can leave reviews, good or bad, to inform / protect the LH community.

Seems some folks may not have great things to share.

Really? I’ve never been told. Now, I want one!

@Jon already warned you over a week ago. Get your deals straight, and stop w/ the constant edits. If your deals are not approved by your Mgmt, then maybe you should hold off posting until you can deliver on deals.

You’re not helping yourself or the community if you post deals you can’t deliver. If you want your own review thread, you can upon one up in this section of the website,


This has been brought up before, but ultimately and unfortunately, there is no requirement that they must have a review thread. Only brokers/dealers can open one up for themselves, if they wish.

Well he said he didn’t know and wants a review thread, and now I showed him where he can open one, so let see if he does.

Either way, maybe this topic should be revisited by Michael and the TH team to protect the community.


April Update is up!
Please take a look at my inventory on my website and give me a text!

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@derekoh1991 Interested in Camry XLE. Any good deals?
Also, would like to see your review thread open up in Dealer Review section


WEDNESDAY (Off-Road Tundra) UPDATE (04/15/2020)

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As I read this the acquisition fee for USBANK is $300?

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That is, $695

Acquistion Fee for US Bank is $695

The $300 is what I believe the dealer gets from US Bank for placing a lease with them. Certainly someone correct me if I am wrong on the $300 part.

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You are correct, that’s the minimum the dealer gets if they contract a deal through USB, if they mark up the MF they can make more.