HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

Havent done any miles on the green one yet to really judge differences in comfort or ride.

Cold weather just heats front seats


If MF goes UP doesn’t RV normally goes Down.

From reading many posts after May RV numbers came out buyers not happy with RV numbers going down. RV is close to Buyout price if one keeps it for the length of the lease like 36 or 39.
For flippers after 3 months not sure RV numbers are important to worry about.

Residuals updated again on 5/6/22. I am not sure if anything changed but the Wrangler 4XE did not.

Have you tried being a car dealership photographer on your spare time? Nice shots and nice combos @mllcb42 - all we’re missing are interior 360 shots :grin:

Looks the same

About 500 miles at the moment. It’s free to get quote. You might get an offer you can’t refuse.

Can’t wait to pop the top. Thank you @DistrictLeases

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Is Sahara 4xE for 36 month is 58 or 61. ?
I read somewhere as 61 but chart says 58.

58% for 15k, 61% for 10k


Deal structure which 9% off MSRP (post price bump).

Just got the paperwork to sign from the dealer and wanted to make sure numbers looked right.

Do only some dealers offer RV lock? Or would some dealers work with you and give you the RV of the month you ordered vs delivery?

Without knowing your msrp or the capitalized fees, it’s hard to judge

It isnt clear how any dealers are able to lock the rv

Your in my parking space from Monday, lol. Sweet ride!! Congrats!


i remember that vid, that dudes a legend

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So I’m seeing folks mentioning getter their RV raised when asking the dealer… is this being set back to the RV when the jeep was originally ordered?

Gupton is the only dealer thats claimed that they price protected the rv. It is unclear how they were, if they actually are, able to achieve this. I dont think anyone has seen a contract funded yet with them price protecting the rv.

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