HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal; Buckle up for a LONG read! (Part 3)

I made a lucid thread post
Probably won’t see the car 2+ cars at their rate


What’s this about a tool kit? I haven’t seen one. What’s it for?

To remove the top

Same here. I’ve kept my colors consistently black and white so it cuts down on the questions a bit.

Oh. So it wouldn’t come with SOT? Nobody is taking that roof off.

It should
How else you taking the doors off?

Found it. Thanks

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Now what the hell is this?

did you see important note on reverse side?

Boys - does this look right?

It’s the cover for the sensors behind the windshield. Protects them when the windshield is folded down.

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No, I did not.

Thanks. Chances of me doing that are approaching zero.

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Same here. I saved it through flip on the first one not knowing what it was. Second one has SOT so no way I’m dropping that windshield.

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Whats the deal supposed to be?

Took some side by sides to compare the differences in the HA vs the sahara for anyone shopping

Equipment is similar between these two.

Both have sky one touch, safety, adv safety, cold weather.

Sahara has tow package and GG.

HA has front camera.

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Are seats different as far comfort goes.
Are seats heated if you have Cold pkg…
Is Ride different between these two ?

Real nice Color combination :ok_hand: