Guidelines for Marketplace posts

Please review the following posting guidelines. These rules help keep the Marketplace an organized and useful resource for businesses and consumers alike.

1. Who can post in the Marketplace?

Only registered Dealers and Brokers may post deals on the Marketplace for commercial purposes. Please register here.

2. How many topics can I create in the Marketplace?

Each month, a business may create one (1) new topic per brand.

  • For example, a salesperson who sells both Audis and VWs may create one Audi topic and one VW topic on the Marketplace in May.

  • Within the topic, you are free to post as many deals as you want.

  • Feel free to highlight an epic or particularly urgent deal by including it in the title. You are welcome to edit the original post and/or title to reflect your latest deals.

3. Title

Marketplace titles are now limited to 120 characters for ease of reading. Titles cannot be edited after 90 days; create a new topic if this is an issue. Titles that include a monthly payment should also include the amount due at signing.

4. Content

Some dealers manage a spreadsheet with pricing details for vehicles in their inventory. Others post individual deals of specific cars as they become available. Both types are fine.

Advertisements of specific cars should include the following:

  • Approximate MSRP
  • Amount due at signing
  • Months and annual mileage
  • Targeted incentives that are included in the price, if any
  • Contact method

We encourage you to post a link to the Leasehackr Calculator with the proposed deal.

5. Tags

Posts need at least two tags. At a minimum, include your state and the vehicle make.

6. Sub-region

You must select a regional sub-category (e.g., California, Northeast, Midwest, South, West) to post on Marketplace, so users can find deals in their area. Don’t worry – your posts will still be visible in the Marketplace at large.

7. Replies

Dealers and Brokers shall not post their deals on another business’s Marketplace post. The Marketplace shall not be used to publicly poach customers from other businesses. Furthermore, Dealers and Brokers should refrain from bashing each other’s deals. (The general public is always free to comment on Marketplace deals.)

8. Expired Deals

Please tag deals that are no longer available with the “EXPIRED” tag. Moderators will close the expired topics periodically. If the tag editing time limit has passed and you would like to close the topic, message the Trusted Hackrs group to close it.

These Marketplace guidelines will be updated over time based on feedback from users.

Please note that Leasehackr and its parents and affiliates do not assume any responsibilities arising from the forum posts here. We are simply providing a platform to post advertisements. We do not provide any transactional services. Please be honest and clear when posting your ads here. Thank you!


The LH calculator link should be mandatory or a higher fee for posting should be charged. My ten cents.

But then you run into issues where mine has over 200 different configurations. Could you imagine the time to calculate twice (once in my computer and LH Calculator)


As I said, brokers that do not post LH calculator links should be charged a higher fee. To be fair, LeaseHackr is as much a middle man as a broker is. But LeaseHackr also champions transparency. The absence of a LH calculator link is a valid basis to ask for a higher fee.

Don’t think you’ve seen my spreadsheet. :wink: as accurate and transparent as any calculator

Fair comment. It’s also what I suggested to @michael when he responded to my comment in the other thread. Transparency is the key. Thanks for your continued buy-in on that point.

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If you already mentioned it to @michael then there’s no need to continue to repeat what you think he should charge. I’m confident he’s thought about how and what to charge and has taken feedback into consideration.


I think the call for transparency should be clarion. While I may not be a “trusted” hackr, I regularly run posted deals through Leasematic and there are many posts that say $2,500 DAS (for CA-based deals when CA has a cap on doc fees) that are less than clear on the “fees”. A similar example is when I was advising people about the less than good M3 CS deals that were being posted.

Nah, calculator isn’t necessary. I’ve never gotten my lease numbers to match the calculator exactly and have still managed just fine.


I’m surprised that a trusted hackr believes that the LH calculator not lining up is an adequate basis to not require it for purposes of knowing the fees being charged. It’s an analog for providing that info. Isn’t that obvious?

The LH calculator is for estimation purposes only and is in beta. Do not expect the actual deal to match to the exact cent or dollar with any lease calculator. There are minor variations in how different jurisdictions treat taxation, incentives, capitalization, etc.


Thanks @michael. That’s exactly my point. Don’t knock the LH calculator when the point is to get a reasonable approximation if all of the variables that go into the deal. The calculator categories are well thought out.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if they throw in extra nitrogen or etching or protection pack charges here and there as long as the numbers work for me. I use the calculator to get a rough estimate of what’s possible, but once I contact a dealer, I rarely check it again.


You don’t care about the bloat. Ok. But who knows that bloat is built into the offer until it’s disclosed? Read through my responses. I am pushing for transparency. How would you - a trusted hackr - know that a deal has nitrogen or etch or an outsized doc fee unless it’s disclosed?

I wouldn’t - and I wouldn’t care. Personally, if the numbers are within $8ish a month, I’m not gonna waste time and effort arguing about extra charges. At that point, I’m ready to pull the trigger.

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One post per brand per month keeps the number of posts manageable. The only thing is editing of previous posts due to sold or expired deals makes going back for reference difficult/impossible. The first post should be editable as a summary of on going deals (like pinned posts) but all deals and new/updated deals should be added as each individual posts below.

Just thinking it out, may not be the best solution but ability to reference past deals is super helpful

So you’re okay with paying an additional $750 (a conservative tabulation of excessive doc fees, etch and nitrogen) at signing (for that bloat) so long as the monthly payment lines up in your mind?

Yup. Done it before. Dealer discounted selling price by doc fee and nitrogen charge to compensate.


You just changed the topic. I am talking about (have always been) about the deals posted on here and the non-disclosure of the bloat. You instead responded with your direct dealership experience and how negotiated a further discount. Please stay on topic. And this is the second time you’ve done that in response my comments in this thread.

To me, the bloat is OK if the amount due at signing doesn’t change.

It’s not OK if it’s not disclosed, and they surprise you with additional fees when you sign.

Say you have two deals. Deal A has useless add-ons but the overall cost is still cheaper than Deal B — because the selling price is much lower on Deal A. I’d go for Deal A.