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yes, please pm me thanks

I am interested in the 2019 540xi with msrp of 71k please reach out to me asap. Thank you

Pmed you thanks

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@ARIADEALS Please follow the Marketplace guidelines and do not bump your thread daily.

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sorry, thank you

Hi, I’m looking for a 2019/2020 X3 loaner deal from PA. Please contact me if you’ve the best deal in the end of 2019. :slightly_smiling_face: Btw, I’m a BMW loyalty customer. Does the deal include BMW financial service credit for X3 like $4500? I received some email. Thank you.

Hi, Like to get X3, nj.

Curious to find out what deals you may have on X6 40i or M50, I am looking to see what deals are out there

please pm me thanks

thanks, pm sent

Just sent PM. Wait for your reply. Happy New Year! Thank you.

Please let me know when you received the PM message.

sorry dont have x6 deals.

thanks, Pmed you back!

Jan list updated.

In the market for a bmw x5 lease as my current x5 lease is coming to an end in Feb.

How is the current incentives and lease structure for the x5?

Please pm thanks

PMd, thank you!