Guidelines for Marketplace posts

Lol! :laughing: same thing goes for deals posted on here. If the numbers look good, I don’t care how they get to them.

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Sorry, the answer is Deal B. The add-ons in Deal A are a substitute for cap cost reduction. I’m surprised you don’t see that. Otherwise, why do we always advise consumers to avoid down payments?

The best answer is Deal C (or further negotiation of Deal B). Why? From Deal A, you know that a dealer is willing to sell at a certain sales price (which should be transparently disclosed). Once you have that info, a true LeaseHackr goes for the Kill.

See my response to @michael. I think we need to reconsider how we hand out trusted hackr status.

If a dealer A has $999 dealer doc fee, you can’t negotiate that in most states usually. So if they take $899 off the sales price more than dealer b, why does it matter what the add-ons are?

Uh oh, we got the “trusted hackr” police here! :rofl:

C’mon buddy, don’t get so worked up about something trivial like this. It looks like everyone except you doesn’t care about it, which is fine. If you want to insist on never paying doc fees, more power to you.


If dealer A has a doc fee of $999 so does most likely dealer B (I’m guessing you’re thinking about FLA). What dealer A is adding on is the bloat that is the substitute for cap cost reduction that gets lost if the car is totaled. Do you agree?

I pay doc fees that are properly disclosed. I am asking for transparency for each fee including add ons. You’re not. Do you see the difference?

Dealer doc fees vary by dealer. In NJ have seen $700, $500, $400, etc. In NJ they must be the same for all customers at the dealership (non-negotiable)

I think you mean the doc fees are all the same in NY. My strong suggestion is that you go to PA (if you do msds) or NY (if you don’t). PA is also regulated.

I see the difference, and I don’t care about it, as I’ve stated in literally every reply to you. :joy: Different strokes for different folks, I suppose…


Then consider this a PSA. I understand that you don’t care. But objectively, you should care. It’s your money in the shell game. Your monthly payment is better because your add-on fees are akin to a cap cost reduction.

You could always capitalize add-on fees, if that’s a concern.

Yes, that (capitalizing add-ons) confirms my point (add-ons are akin to — and perhaps even worse than — cap cost reduction). All of this brings us back to my original point — all categories of fees (and the reasonable approximations of the actual dollar amount for each fee) should be disclosed in the postings.

What about a situation where the dealership and you agree to numbers, but then in the F&I office, they write up the contract with different numbers than initially discussed (on a line item basis) however, the DAS and monthly remain the same?

For example, they gave you a bigger discount but added it back as an etching fee/nitrogen fill/something else.

Do you care?

Or, if they bump the MF and give you a bigger discount to even it out, and numbers come out the same as what you agreed upon.

Do you care?


At the end of the day, as a consumer, should i? If the das, monthly, and residual are as agreed, is the way they got there important if they decided to play some accounting tricks and shift some money from column a to column b?

It’s disclosed to the consumer. It’s not being disclosed by everyone on LH. Big difference and that difference is the entire point of my position. Transparency must mean something; otherwise, it’s a shell game.

Hmm… You mentioned his newly assigned Trusted status about 3 times in about 5 posts. Did you get nominated but not selected? Life is tough, yeah. Get over it, I was even demoted once and survived :smirk:


I wasn’t nominated. But I nominated you. Being trusted implies getting good advice. And you give good advice.

Thanks for your vote. I’ll take everything I said back :grin:


You didn’t say much though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: