GM Holiday Event returns; join Costco before October to be eligible

Thanks to @chevysalesgirl for the tip! Figured this deserves its own post.

Anyone planning on leasing a GM vehicle should consider joining Costco before October, if they’re not already a member.


Thanks Michael!!! + Chevygirl!!!

All we need is for GM to throw in Asian conquest in October and we are good to go to pick up $49 malibus and cruzes…


Got too spoiled with germans and don’t have asians in the household anymore :confused:

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The German ones are good to look at but will be high maintenance and eventually become old bloated buckets. The Asian ones are understated at first but will faithfully serve out many years of happy trails reliably and with little maintenance .

And yes we are talking about the cars as well…


FYI: Groupon deal on costco membership


Who cares ! Everyone here is leasing not being married to the car for 10 years plus and to be honest even the Asian brands are not as reliable as they used to be with all these tech goodies on their. Similar to smartphones, they either start getting glitches which will cost you and arm and a leg OR just become obsolete.


Yup I shared that a week or so ago. Costco Promotional Membership (Good Timing for GM Holiday Event)


Throw in a Buypower top off and/or GM Rewards and they might be paying YOU to take the car!


It’s 2019, sir… no more long-term relationships… date dat german chick for 3 years and onto the next one…


Anyone getting a top off nowadays?

Haven’t heard of one in quite a while now…

Or 3 months if transfer is allowed.

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Unless we’re talking Subaru motors lol.


I wonder if the auto workers strike will impact the “deals” to be had…

The inventory might. Lower inventory = less motivation for massive GMF incentives or dealer discounts.


Yeah… That is what I am afraid of. I was hoping to replace my wifes traverse. Good thing we own it so we can wait till a good deal comes along.

So what is the GM Holiday Event? Can someone please elaborate for noobs? I am trying to sign a BMW but the payment for features doesn’t seems too attractive. If there are good deals from GM then I might wait to evaluate my options in a week.

Here is last year’s topic about it 2018 GM Costco Auto Program Holiday Sales Event

When will the lease deal come out? I’m a member of Costco already and trying to lease a car within the next 15 days or so