Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


Gee, wish I can get a Trail Boss for 1% lease…:unamused:


After the start payment and reg/dmv fees…is it really worth it?


Registration is included in their pricing and they say everything is refundable (including start payment)… so I’m not sure if there would be any out of pocket expense. Can even just not pick up th car and they’ll automatically process a refund.


@chevysalesgirl - do you know of details regarding the GM pull ahead program… I’ve a TRAX with very low monthly payments($80) until May’19… would like to turn it in for a BOLT - possible?

Los Angeles Lease for around $200 a month?

u have a $80/mo lease and want to turn it in early? whaaaaaaaa?


basically, of all the deals i’ve ever done, only 1 person had pull-ahead and it was a like a tahoe lease. i’ve ran tons of VINs and never seen it on a trax/volt/cruze etc. not sure what the secret it to that one.


lol getting creative, but i wonder how long it’d take for the DMV to put that in your name…


haha… i guess i gave only half the story… it also has windshield damage… so if there is any promotion during the holidays for pull ahead, i guess i would turn it in and move to a bolt…


Hi Trish! - if it’s not one-pay what’s the monthly break-down? non-gm lease, loyalty, costco 91107 zip


what car? …2020



i have to wait for some more cars to come in :smile:


NORCAL ----- please refer to @ChevyPhil

thanks :smile:



Not a lease, and I don’t think I can go through you, but you seem to know all things Chevy.

Does this seem like a good sales deal? Do you think there is more to be had here?


Compare it to her offers on the spreadsheet. Doesn’t appear to be any discount below employee, so there is more


maybe add lease loyalty or something to it if you have it? i miss @Randy_Haddox1


@chevysalesgirl … ya, he is out of the biz now.


@chevysalesgirl Hey curious what lease deals you can do on stock# KJ138839 ?
I am a costco member, current chevy owner, and have a competitive lease.




deal no longer available.