Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


Awesome thank you!


Since I can’t get employee pricing on a 2019, does GM Educator and Costco stack on a 2019 instead?


Lower your deductible and use your insurance to pay for it. $100


Educator does not stack with Costco on 2019 Trailboss.


Trish, what is the “holiday promo” that you mentioned? Thanks.



There must not be very great deals as I have never seen this thread not be on the top latest posts. :slight_smile:


everyone is on and off the spreadsheet :stuck_out_tongue: and i was off yesterday.


ahhh the sheet forgot to check that… Glad you had a day off… Looking for a deal on volt or Bolt so if anything really good comes up. let me know. Will keep checking the sheet.


deal no longer available.


how about the Volt?


okay now i’m done.


Volts are being sold left and right in socal and most dealers stopped trades. Please do not wait until the end of the month.



Any deals on the Chevy Trax right now?


If you want to buy yes. Lease, not really.


For a lease you’re better off getting the 2019’ equinox. Otherwise there are buy deals on the 18’ Trax as @adamcar stated, however I don’t know if buying a trax is a good idea unless you really like it.


I was looking at your lease on crew cab Colorado work truck. Is the extended cab base with manual transmission lease as a WT? Thank you


deal no longer available.


yes that ext manual is a WT trim.


Hello. Are these #'s on a 24 month or 36 month lease?