Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases


nothing in my inventory. would have to work the deal and dealer trade for one.


Have a ballpark number?


email yeah

sorry! working a firestorm of deliveries and deals rn.


good call @adamcar

double cab silverado lease well. i’ll try to add some more stuff like the camaros and such as I go.

with lease loyaltly (non-gm +15/month), holiday, oc tax 7.75

zero down, zero driveoff
325 incl tax on 10k
338 incl tax on 12k
362 incl tax on 15k


gas or diesel?


For the finance HD diesel 3500 crew cab long bed loaded.

Lease 1500 would be 4x4 crew cab loaded.

Thank you


18s or 19s?

  1. Sorry for delay.


For Costco I just signed up. You had to be a member since like September or something for that card right?

Have an Equinox I’m returning in Massachusetts this month and GM dealers haven’t been able to come close to the current deal we had.


That is correct. More information here: 2018 GM Costco Auto Program Holiday Sales Event


deal no longer available.


deal no longer available.


so compared to last month, it’s up $15/month for the people
but for those that don’t work for the workplaces, it got better because they have employee pricing now.


Any 18 bolts/volts available?


Trish hasn’t had those for weeks. The dealer website shows none as well


yeah been out of the volt bolt 2018 for a minute. dealers are jacks when it comes to trading. rather sit on it and charge more.


deal no longer available.


That has to be one of the cheapest 3-row SUV’s you can lease right? It’s a lot of car for not much money.


That’s about as good as it gets unless you are loading up on msds on a QX60 or something like that. And the QX60 is nowhere near the size of the Traverse. My 2018 FWD Acadia was pretty similar deal wise. Taking out some things specific to my situation it was around 356 with zero DAS for 36/15k. The Traverse is slightly more expensive and it’s newer and bigger though. For whatever reason just about 1% is about all you’re gonna get deal wise on the GM 3 Row midsize SUVS.


Great prices.

Anyone know if I can grab a lease from Fair and then return it immediately to qualify for non-GM lease offer?