Cheapest Lease Period..NJ

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Leased 2 cars already off this site and fairly happy with the outcomes.

I have a new scenario and I’m seeking advice. My fathers car broke down and I wanted to get him the cheapest possible lease so he has a car he can rely on. If my objective is to find the cheapest payment $0 down option, any recommendations ? I know Nj offers a fair amount of rebates on EV, but seeking advice so I can hopefully get him a car ASAP.

Get him a used car, there is no such animal as a ‘cheap lease’ right now.

Or give him your C300 since you don’t like it.

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The NJ rebates are still unfunded, but they are still sales tax exempt afaik

Maybe look at a Leaf? Almost nothing is leasing well right now.

Rofl…cheap is subjective , there’s got to be something in the universe that’s sub 200 bucks

Edit: wow is this due to chip shortage? That’s depressing. Will look into leaf (honestly not even sure what leaf is)

leafs are cheap. check the sheet

Among the other shortages now, all leading to a car shortage, unfortunately yes

I was about to offer up a couple of sub $250 possibilities. But sub $200? Nope. Not for a non-EV.

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What’s in the sub 250 range assuming 0 down ?

I’ll look into leaf if that’s truly the bottom

Even $250 is a bit rough…try more like $275 and you are in Corolla range.

I can’t link it, but the Hyundai Venue is coming up in Rodo for $260 all in. That’s with $260 at signing, though. But it is through Rodo, which means it could be real, or it could not. If it is real, it is possible you could do better on your own. And, actually, if you add it to your showroom in Rodo, they’ll usually offer a discount in a couple of days to entice you. Should get darned close to that $250 target. Of course, these were more like $220 just a couple of months ago.

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Someone who drove a car until it broke down beyond repair is not someone who’s going to be happy after a lease…. He’s eventually gonna tell you he made payments for 3 years and was left with nothing but a bill for tires, excess wear & tear, and disposition.

He won’t like any insurance premium hike either.


Maybe a $50 Malibu or free Cruze would have changed his mind but he’d need a time machine


Is this real life? No lease to be had sub 250? Then it’s not the right time to lease. That’s sad. No way I’d pay a premium for bottom shelf auto.

I had c300 regrets and still do but it looks like
I’d be even worse off now

Maybe July will have a special. Unknown but anything is better than now.

No sarcasm, I applaud you for reaching the absolute right conclusion is the shortest amount of time possible. People have been banging their heads against walls since May.

I think the memes of the past 6 weeks tell the story best, but that is me (if you start from about May 1st to today)

Anything. How quickly we got to

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Honda Civic LX is $245/mo with first month DAS.


If you leased two cars from this site you should do some more reading. You can’t be this clueless about what’s going on.


I’m in the same situation with my dad. But he won’t go for an electric car.

I’ll go even further, it’s probably one of the worst times to lease in decades, and isn’t very likely to get any better in the next few months. If we’re all lucky, it’ll be better by fall. But to even get to March 2021 levels, we’re probably talking early to mid 2022.


It will be a great time to lease an EV in NJ when the Charge Up program restarts.

You are talking about stacking a $7500 federal incentives with a $5000 state incentive.


A 36/10K Civic is about $251 in NJ using RODO. Maybe if he browses a few brokers here, they could possibly be better than RODO.