SIGNED! 2021 Honda HR-V Sport AWD - $244 p month 36/12k

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Got an HR-V out of Omaha area – we live 2 hours away but due to inventory issues and dealers not wanting to deal, we traveled for this. Beat a more-local dealer by about $3,500 so I’d say it was worth the haul.
Obviously deals are not too great lately, this pales in comparison to my $130 Malibu and $220 Terrain in recent years, but given the market I’d say we did pretty good. Pre-COVID this would have been an average deal and certainly not leasehackr-worthy I know. Also a plus we got rid of my wife’s Fiat 500X that was upside down for awhile until this crazy used car market came along.

Deal includes 5% IA tax but we will have to buy plates(approx $200) when our county receives paperwork.

Normally don’t like white cars but this Pearl White with the black trim and wheels looks pretty good.

MSRP - 26,040
Selling price - 24,140
12,000 miles per year, 36 months
0.0001 MF (love this!)
Drive off was $418 (1st payment, doc fee, and title/temp tag) Gotta love Nebraska and a $149 doc fee!!
Residual - $16,521 64%
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Good one. Enjoy the car. Worth signing

Well now I need to look at an HR-V and a trip to Nebraska. Good for you :slight_smile: enjoy!

Did you went to carmax on your way home??
Sweet deal… Congrats

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LOL not a bad idea. Pick up an easy grand+ and do it again next week?

Lol dépense how.much you value an inquiry … :laughing: