BMW unused mileage credit

I know this has come up in the past so i wanted to share what was on my lease-end inspection form.

Percent of Contractual Miles not Utilized

Credit Offered for Unused Mileage

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How is this credit issued? Towards any wear&tear issues, towards a new lease or given back as a check?

All of the above are options, speaking from experience.

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Good to know! I’m averaging 400 miles a month. At this rate, I’ll be returning the car with 12,000 miles when I have 25,000 miles slotted (30/10K lease). :joy:


i took out a new BMW lease and was supposed to get a credit on my new account in the amount of the unused milage credit but never did and I had to chase BMWFS to issue the credit. Was a bit annoying but ultimately they did it.

Thankfully when we turned in the 5 and X5 we didn’t get penalized for anything. Both were under mileage so credits were added to our BMW FS account going towards the payment of the new 5.

That’s annoying. The credits were pretty instant on our account - within a couple days.

you had better luck than me, that’s for sure

Same here. Hope Volvo does the same, though never got anything back from them before. But it was before they became Chinese.

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What what they’re CHINESE???

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Anyone know if MB financial or GM financial does something similar?

Nope, they don’t. 20

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Geely bought from Ford about 10 years ago now

Still “Swedish” made but owned by Chinese. Don’t really see an issue with that personally. Just because it’s owned by Chinese doesn’t mean it’s bad. Heck, GE appliances and Motorola is also owned by Chinese… and those products are probably all made overseas as well and we all buy it up.

Back to the topic on question, does any other OEM do this? I returned by Nissan lease a couple of years ago with 6K left on a 36K lease.

Technically, some are also assembled in Belgium. In any case, Phantom was joking.

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None that I’m aware of other than BMW. Even then, it’s not that great, but it’s something.

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Does anyone know if this unused mileage credit apply regardless of wether you lease a new BMW or not? I just turned in my BMW and was under by 40%, however I did not lease a new BMW, so does that mean I will NOT get the credit? Thanks!

It’s only applicable to your BMWFS account if you lease or finance a new BMW. I think you have about a year from the time of vehicle turn-in to do so and still qualify for the credit.

just an FYI since i’m about to return a BMW, there’s a window to be eligible for the credit. The newly leased BMW has to be within 2 mo of turning in the old BMW lease up to 6 mo after you turned in your old BMW lease. So if you take out a new BMW lease 3 months prior to turning in your old lease, technically you’re not eligible for the unused mileage credit.

The same goes for being eligible to waive the disposition fee. The same 8 months window applies.