🔥 Auto Ninjas SoCal March Mazda Deals! 5-7.5% off MSRP, Home Delivery Included most cities in CA!

Jan 23 Update: Opening up Mazda Deals Again to the Community

  • 6-7% off Almost all Mazda Models & Trims (See Spreadsheet)
  • Included Delivery Anywhere in the State of CA
  • $599 Flat Broker Fee
  • Full list of available inventory for you guys to pick from!

Contact Info

  • Email: Nathan@shopautoninjas.com
  • Deal#, Model & Trim of Interest
  • Registration Zip Code
  • Top 3 Colors
  • Cars in Household
  • Desired miles per year (n/a if finance)
  • Trade In or Lease Return Info (if applicable)

Do you have MX5 deals?

pm coming your way

Deals updated for October, any requests can be added! Which trim MX-5?

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Which trim?

Sport version

Will add today!

What is the lease term? 24, 36, etc?

36months/10k miles per year, but 33 months usually ends up being the same if you prefer that!

Awesome… 36 months works great. Can you ship to Oregon?

Yep, believe so, just send me a PM!

Few questions. @AutoNinjas

  1. Can you provide some pricing on Mazda 6 GTR and Signature trim?(36/12k and 36/10k)
  2. Would you be able to ship to Norcal? How much the shipping normally cost?
  3. I have my current Subaru lease via Chase. Any rebate offer for that?

Send a PM! Yes can probably ship to NorCal and it’s a targeted rebate for Chase so I would suggest checking your email!

CX-5 Sport Deal Posted!


Any deals on CX5 GT Reserve?

What about CX9 Signature or GT?


Sorry for asking again, any deals on GT Reserve or Signature? Thx!

GTR deals are a little ugly this month but I can post them.

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Any deals for cx9?

You are right, not a pretty deal, how come Mazda is so stingy on these?