Looking to get a cheaper midsize/smaller SUV, can someone help on pricing? Thank you

Yeah, I just happen to enjoy driving higher cars more than a sedan. I’m not sure why. I used to own a 2012 Ford Escape (I loved that car) and i just liked driving it a lot. I know the subcompacts are smaller, but i can’t afford a Ford Escape or a Rav4.


Oh wow. I spoke to them. That’s a good deal. I can’t seem to find that right now. and I did speak to the culver city dealership they weren’t even going that low on CX-30’s. Maybe a CX-5 has better residuals.

If you haven’t done so, you might want to know your own credit score. Best rates/MF are usually for Tier 1 or lessees with excellent credit. GLWT!

You could try a Nissan Rogue too. Not that small for a compact SUV and has good features even on the base trim.

Don’t buy it though…

Yah, but then you’d have to drive a nissan rogue

Murano leases cheaper this month and is far nicer than a Rogue.

It’s still a Nissan, I vehemently disagree.

Disagree that it is cheaper and nicer than a Rogue? You sure about that?

I don’t like current Nissans either, but my personal opinion is irrelevant to the topic.

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May be strong language, but one turd over the other? Nissan CVTs are garbage, I will gladly pay a premium of my left kidney to never drive one again.

Well that may be strong, maybe just money, but you get my point.

I have a Rogue. It’s not a unicorn lease per say but at $269 a month with $400 DAS For a 36/15 lease it goes from point A to point B with Apple CarPlay, 30 MPG average, collision breaking, blind spot detection, heated from seats and has a good amount of trunk space, I can’t complain. I know the reliability long term isn’t great but for a lease does it really matter, especially if OP is on a budget?


If you haven’t yet, check out May deals with @AutoNinjas.

I’m working with them right now for a CX30 in FL and they’re awesome.

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Those get to be expensive when you roll in the DAS and taxes and forego the MSDs.

I messaged him yesterday so we can see if the price works out.

i have tier 1 credit as well.

Is that the base model rogue? What do you think of the rogue s?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I’d be happy to help

Yes we’re texting! PM me and I’ll tell you my phone number.

From what I remember there are few brokers in this forum in CA region dealing Hyundai/Kia

Check out their offerings in marketplace section.



I have a base 2018 (Rogue S) with an appearance package (nicer wheels, door handles and the heated seats.) It doesn’t have keyless entry or power lift gate or even push button start. But I thought this car met all of my needs and fit very well into the budget. If the 2020s are cheap enough and you like the car and can’t get a better deal on something else- why not get it, it’s a lease and in 36 months get something else. I’m not a car guy, I just need something to go from A to B but I wanted a small SUV because it has extra cargo space for road trips. If I could’ve afforded to easily get a better deal on a RAV4 or CRV I may have considered those but I was turning in a Sentra at the time and didn’t want to pay a disposition fee plus they had a 2 month pull ahead.

0-60 2 years