AutoLeaseNinjas January Florida Mazda Giveaway! $112 CX-30s w $1999 DAS & MSDs & Lease Loyalty

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NorthEast Clients Please Visit This Page: 🔥 AutoLeaseNinjas Mazda March Deals! Instant Personalized Quotes, Crazy $92 CX-30s! LH's Go-To Mazda Source

California Residents Please Visit This Page: :rotating_light: AutoLeaseNinjas SoCal Blowout Mazda Deals! CX-5 Grand Touring FWD $249 with $1599 DAS!


Would you deliver to south beach? Thanks!

what are the incentive specifics for a current Mazda owner and financed through Chase back? thanks in adv

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$500 rebate. Not every chase customer gets offered it, but it is a hidden incentive that not many people know about!

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Yes they will deliver to south beach!

Would you be open to deals with more than 10k/year?

Yep! Send me a PM!

CX-9 Deal Added and a Couple of Price Reductions only good until month’s end!

Do you service Orlando?

Anything on CX-9 GT or signature?

Adding a CX-9 GT Now.

Yes we service Orlando!

End of the month and dealer has cars to move, willing to get aggressive on trades and stale units.

I know I missed month end but I have a friend looking for a CX-9 can you PM me the numbers for this month?

Yep, can do that as they come in. Loss of 1st month waiver is a bummer. Stay tuned to see how incentives change elsewhere.

Do you still have good deals on the CX-5 Grand Touring for this month? I PM you as well.

Added them to the sheet!

Hi, am I on your waiting list ninja?

Send me a PM!

Hi there, looking to lease a Mazda 3 or CX 3 in SoCal. Monthly payments <$275 tax incl. hopefully touring or GT