2020 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve 12k 36mo Lease

The 2.5T downrates to 227hp on regular gas, just 40hp more than the normal 2.5L in a GT. I would never spend the extra $100/mo on a Reserve and then forego the $10/mo cost of premium gas.

Hi… Where on Cars.Com do you get the time a vehicle has been on a dealers lot… Can’t seem to find it… Thx

It’s the RODO app, you have to download it.

CarGurus has that info.

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Yup, this is a big misconception with the direct injection. Let’s put it this way, if it has a turbo you need to use premium fuel.


I’ll be that guy. You may want to consider broker given you’re in Cali. Big networks out there that could save you some more cash.

I’m from the midwest and got an initial workup from ALN since barely any of the dealers around me want to negotiate. I was very impressed. Not sure how far you’re willing to go, but here’s their thread on SoCal.

Depends. Should say “if you want the full power output stated.” Plenty of turbos can run on regular fuel…the computer in the car compensates and you lose some expected power though.

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Echoing what @mp11477 stated. You can run reg gas and be fine. The computer just runs different timing on the gas so it doesn’t burn prematurely and give you engine knock.

Look, I have an XC60 with a turbo 4 popper. Compression ratio is somewhere in the high 10s. Dealer gave me reg gas when I took delivery. Complained that this car was sluggish and not getting good enough gas mileage. Put some premium in it and made a noticeable difference. More pep for sure.

If you decide on a turbo, put premium gas.

Thank you for that

Just love our CX5 Signature with the turbo. Wife’s car and I honestly look forward to getting to drive it. Never bothered with premium gas, it scoots fine without it. Chose it over an X1.

We need a little more room now and are probably going up to the CX9 cause we just like the 5 so much.

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Thank you all for your help! I obviously have more research and inquiries to do. I will report back when I have better numbers to share. I’m still very much set on leasing a cx5 over anything else.

Well, the BMW get 1-2 MPGs overall better than the Mazda 2.5T. Which could aid in the premium price bite.

Also, if your leasing these cars, BMW includes maintenance for 4 years 50,000 miles so your maintenance cost with the BMW would be zero… Also, initial BMW reliability is generally strong (no so much long term) but they offer loaners that you could drive if it does have to go in the shop (which is something “non-premium” brands hardly offer).

I leased this car & trim for my fiance 15 months ago… don’t remember specifics but can share this as a reference. I think you could do better on your lease.

2019 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring (Bose audio & nav, no heads up display)
MSRP: about $35k
Term: 36 months / 15k miles
DAS: 1st month
Payment: $350.00/month (AFTER TAX; all in)

Going off-topic but what was/were the main things that made you get the cx5 over X1? #curious

Honestly for that price I would highly recommend looking at the Volvo XC40, overall amazing car, comparable size to the CX-5, similar driving dynamics and also does not require premium fuel

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Well, tbh it was a purchase so reliability and cost to maintain over the long term was important. Had it been a lease the decision would’ve been much more difficult. I really loved the driving dynamics of the X1 but the CX5 I think was a slightly more versatile - at least in our case w dogs, not kids. Now that I’ve had the 5 for 10k miles I am more comfortable with the decision. I was disappointed the wife chose the 5 but looking back I’m glad she did.

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Suggest spending a few minutes in the Edmunds forum for CX-5, if there is still 2019 lease support I’d focus there, otherwise the 2020. Scan the posts in March to see what the residual/MF is on various trims to see if a particular one is better. For instance, when I got my Mazda3 and CX-5 several years ago, the top trims had lower MF and higher residual, so I could lease more equipment for less money (having done the math to verify). On the flip, when I got my XC60 this past summer, the T6 had incentives to cover the cost of the price increase for that engine, the residual was highest (by 1%) and MF lowest (by a lot) on the Momentum, so I ruled out R-Design and Inscription and found one with equipment I wanted.

I’m with you on wanting the turbo or bigger engine (especially since my Cx-5 had original 2.0 which was so under powered I traded out early and buried the negative), so I’d see of the various trims which has everything you must have and pencils out best. It shouldn’t take an hour (if you had a Mazda rate sheet from a dealer it wouldn’t take 15 mins).

Good luck!

Also leases terribly.

An X3 def isn’t smaller.

I would. 40 HP is still 20% more HP than the regular engine…

Not anymore. Check out some of our Volvo broker posts lately. There have been some great deals on XC40s. They used to be a terrible lease.