2022 Honda Civic Sport $379/mo ($150 Off MSRP)

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Hi Everyone!

MSRP: $25,160
Selling Price: $25,010
OTD With Taxes & Fee’s: $17,149
Monthly Payment: $379/mo over 48 Month’s

Dropped $10,500 down which included the $500 Honda Financial College Incentive & The 1.9 Financing Rate which I had 0 confidence in getting approved for due to being 21 and being a full-time freelancer

Decided to trade in my 2021 330i lease (read about here) & pick up a financed car due to commuting changes, untimely matched my lease payments while also lowering my insurance premium by $100ish a month

Financed (not leased) a 2022 Honda Civic Sport This is my first car in MY NAME and my goal was to not pay MSRP in this market I considered going crazy and buying something fun but having a short-term loan makes more sense financially for me as I’m scaling a business

My timeline
1/22 - Placed $500 deposit on an incoming unclaimed unit
1/29 - Car arrived at the dealership
1/30 - Picked up the car and signed a deal

Also, I have gotten a few dm’s regarding the dealer, already two LH have put deposit’s down so if interested send a message happily will provide you the sales person and dealer


Did you have a difficult time finding someone not doing add ons/marking up?

This is a great deal(not sure if the bmw had equity) but change the tittle you bought a 22 civic :sunglasses:

Yep, I called 42 dealerships within a 100 mile radius


Yep BMW had $4,000 in equity after 10 month’s leasing it

So out of the $10,500 you put down, only $6,500 was true out of pocket?

I think you did great buying it. These Civics hold their values so much and with the purchase you’re not restricted to miles, lease wear/fees and can sell to anyone you wish.


Pretty much! $500 came from Honda as their incentive. I didn’t count the $4,000 equity since I decided to count it as breaking even on my lease payments for 10 months!

MSRP is a made-up number so being at, below or above MSRP means little by itself.

What you should always be looking for is value. $25k for a ‘22 Sport is good value.

The value remains the same whether your paperwork shows $1,000 ADM on a $24k sticker or a “discount” on a higher sticker for the same exact car.

Took a wrong turn but ended up in the right place

Congrats and enjoy the new ride


Ended up getting SUPER BORED of this car, and ordered a 22’ M340i xDrive. First-ever time splurging myself so I will be tracking the values of my civic until my M340i comes in (End Of July)

Current best offer with 3,047 Miles
Payoff is $15,366


In the same situation, bought a 2022 Accord Touring already bored with it. Came from a BMW 340i and Mercedes e63 so I’m already wanting back into a BMW, but lease deals are horrible.


Yeah lol, came from a 21’ 330i & all my friends and family have decent fast or luxury cars, so this car got super boring quickly. Great daily driver but not for someone like me who loves cars and experiences multiple cars a week and loves going to the track or rallies & etc.

Ended up purchasing at MSRP, since i’m gonna step away from the car hacking game for a-bit

Yeah I don’t blame you for getting out of it already. Bought my Accord at invoice since I sell Hondas, but I won’t have it much longer. The M340i will be a lot of fun, hopefully there’s no delays for you!

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Does that put you behind after factoring in sales tax

It took me full 3 years to accept my downgrade to Honda from a bmw


Im inhaling copium to deal with my transition from a BMW to no car.


Hey @SteezySamir, how did the 2.0 engine feel in this? Underpowered, or was it fun enough to get around (even if you did get bored of the car pretty fast)?

I’m really starting to fall for this new Civic as I see more of them lately and I would prefer the EX-L with the 1.5 turbo, but it seems like the Sport with the 2.0 is much easier to find.

It’s underpowered if you travel at crazy highway speeds 80+.

Around town, the car is PERFECT just what you want with the transmission and quick pick up and feel for daily commuting, but if you’re doing long-distance and constant deacceleration and acceleration due to the flow of traffic I’ve noticed the car doesn’t gain speed quick enough without pushing hard on the pedal and hoping that car coming fast in your rearview mirror doesn’t slam into you or when doing a pass in the fast lane.

Cruise control at 80mph just kills your MPG to ~28mpg. And for my car, it would always constantly hang at 3000rpm when using the adaptive cruise control, compared to 2300-2500 when I just used my foot even after forcing myself to use ACC for 1000+ miles to see if it fixes it.

When you get or drive this car you’ll notice that you’re just gonna be traveling 60-65mph everywhere and there’s nothing you can do, it makes more sense when you drive one, hard to explain.

Highly recommend getting EX-L or Touring, I feel like they screwed up the engine for the sport, the Sport trim doesn’t have a rear armrest which is just stupid.

The Sport trim is seriously good-looking imo, I love the styling one of the only reasons I got it over a Sentra SR or something. A lot of people on the forums are trading their cars in due to MPG Disappointment and the overall feel of the car, this car only makes sense as a Touring or EX-L trim imo.

Worse case just buy the sport wheels and put them on the EX-L or Touring. Also good luck- heard honda stopped production on civic’s for the next few months

In general, this car is like getting married to the girl your mom wants you too, she’s smart, quirky, and very normal but deep down inside you want the hot chick at school


Yeah, you owned it like for 2 minutes.


The civic looks pretty good imo, so based on your analogy the civic is just ok in bed, gets the job done, but you want the wild one :point_up:


For the price of the Touring, I could get an Accord hybrid in a lower trim so I don’t think the Touring is worth it. The EX-l seems to be the sweet spot for these, but are the hardest to find.

Tons of the Sport incoming within 100 miles of me so I could probably grab one with a deposit, just don’t know if I’ll be happy with that engine.