2022 BMW M340i xDrive (MSRP - Incentives) - Purchase

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Hi Everyone, sad day for me here but my lease-hacking days are over. With the way the market is & used car prices through the roof, I’ve decided to stop messing with cars personally/for business/friends for a bit to focus on my career. I’ll definitely be back when V8 Vantage’s are $999/mo again!

I bought a 2022 Civic back in February due to a business opportunity that has paid off well, traded in my 330i lease with $4k positive, and ever since then I’ve been itching to get back into another G20. I’m a die-hard Porsche 911 & M3 nerd and seeing the prices of used 991’s and the ugly as hell G80 M3. I knew the M340i would be the best of both. So I ordered a 2022 M340i at MSRP from a dealership in LI which turned into a 2023 M340i allocation/build and I hated the rear and interior.

Let me just say this, I source Porsche’s & Land Rover for dealers on a daily basis. IN MY OPINION FINDING A M340I WAS PROBABLY THE HARDEST THING I’VE EVER SOUCED. EVERY CAR IS EITHER SOLD OR has the ugly RED INTERIOR. It took me 2 months to find a 2022 that WAS NOT SOLD OR IN A REASONABLE SPEC IMO

I ended up getting extremely lucky as the day I was going to cancel my 23’ Order and buy an RS3 or S-Class I found a car that had JUST LANDED at a dealership in Chicago listed on the BMW Inventory website. It had landed 10 MINS BEFORE I CALLED. Sent a deposit, and bought the car completely remotely- it came from Chicago - CT in 3 days, and within 9 days from the initial point of contact, I finally had one of my favorite cars in my driveway. Not a bad daily for a 21 yr old.


MSRP: $61,700
Selling Price: $61,700
Monthly Payment: $801/mo (BMW FS 3.99%)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 16,000
Months: 72
Incentives: $1,000 OL Code, $1,000 College Grad, $1,000 Corporate Partner Code
Region: CT/IL

Additional: $1,300 to get it shipped from Chicago.


Congrats! Enjoy the ride. That feeling when you scored the dream car…

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Had a similar car listed for 7% off recently.

Enjoy the car. They’re great fun!

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Ugh! I knew I should have checked leasehackr and reached out to someone but just dived so hard into sourcing- appreciate the response the car’s been super fun the first 200 miles!

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Congrats on the new :wheel: enjoy!


Portimao Blue with Shadowline and Oyster interior? Looks amazing!

How were you checking inventory? Through the BMWUSA site or is there an easier way to check multiple dealerships?

Portimao over Canberra Actually! The car looks incredible! I would use the BMW USA website and make sure you specify M340i and also set the mile radius range.

Would also check Cargurus/Cars/Autotrader every hour the usual. Had a few dealer friends who would tell me what a dealer had for inventory, like a VDR system or something it’s called for BMW i forget.

It’s called DCS. :slightly_smiling_face:

You broke the first cardinal rule of lease hacking. BMWs are for leasing and Porsches are for buying. Seems you went opposite.


I source Porsche’s & Land Rover for dealers on a daily basis.

What does this mean out of curiosity?

Congrats on the purchase. You sound thrilled. :beers:


LOL someone beat me to it

Congrats life is too short not to drive what you want

I keep telling myself that…