2021 BMW 330i xDrive Loaner Deal $373/mo $3,000 DAS (Carvana Positive)

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Hi Everyone! Did this deal first-week of April

Decided to sell my Dinan Tuned E84 BMW X1 to Carvana for $2000 positive! and wanted something more comfortable and tech-friendly to daily-drive and if you check my post history you would notice I was actually looking for a TLX deal but no dealers would land anywhere close to where I wanted. Called a close friend at BMW and he set me up with one of their last loaners they have got me into my lease hours within my X1 was picked up, Got lucky with the spec as it had everything I would option (No Digital Cockpit & Upgraded Screen, heard bad reviews about the digital cockpit being hard to see during intense sunlight and upgrade screen having issues)

Was originally hating on the Mineral Grey but I’ve come around and love it! Feels kinda classy and subtle everyone I know has been loving my car, especially the auto dealer I work for.

Was also considering used Audi S3/S4/S5, 530i and New TLX/IS-350 but extremely happy with my purchase and already saving for the lease buyout! Also this car burbles alot in sport-mode and has shift-lights in the dash. wild.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW 330i XDrive
MSRP: $46,165
Selling Price: $38,899 (15.5% Off)
Monthly Payment: $373.63 ($400 with tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $3,100 ($2,000 Positive From Carava Trade essentially making it $1,100 down)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00093
Residual: $25,582
Incentives: $1500 Lease Credit
Region: East-Coast Tri-State Area
Leasehackr Score: 8.7 Years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Samir 330i Calculator

Your calculator shows $3100 das, not $2k. What was the actual das?

Hi! Sorry noob here with the calculator my Drive-Off’s were indeed $3100 as I put $2,000 down from my positive equity and just paid the fee’s.

We’re you counting the $3900 down as the accidental $2,000 I wrote and the $1,500 taxes incentive + fees?

I misread the calculator… thought it said $3900, actually said $3100 (well, $3173)

Point is, your write up says $2000 drive off, but it’s $3173 drive off

Yeah I just fixed it haha, I accidentally confused myself by thinking of the check Carvana gave me it’s 11PM I should sleep

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After 10 months, I have walked away breaking even by getting a check back for $4,201 in positive equity which doing the math breaks even my payments for the 10 months I had it!

Interestingly the BMW dealer is selling it for 15.5% MORE THAN THE SELLING PRICE

Does that factor in the DAS amount as well as the payments?

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