Any finance deals out there? Looking for car for teen driver

Once was a retired Crown Vic Interceptor
Those have been replaced by the Tahoe PPV
Here is a nice one


I miss $2-400 running and driving cash cars. Lol.

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How old are you again? Haha


He was born in 1894

Am I the only person who didn’t get a car when they were a teenager? Until 21, I took the bus until I was able to buy my own care. And yes, IT WAS, a mile walk to the bus stop.

Like the other posters said, there’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t buy a teenager a new car. It spoils them - it really does. Insurance companies don’t charge those high premiums for nothing - teenagers get into a ton of accidents.

Have you seriously calculated the cost of Ubers compared with payments, insurance, and gas? Contrary to what your teenager might be telling you, they will not die if they take public transportation. There is a good probability that prices will stabilize near the end of this year, why can’t they wait?

If you choose to just roll your eyes at what I wrote add Kia to your list. Larger sedans aren’t selling as much as they used to and they are safer than tiny cars, so look into those too.

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I worked a great deal to pay for my first car, but I also had a lot of help from my parents. I am not spoiled; to this day I treat my cars very well. To the point of annoying my family.

Wrangler 4xe is probably the best deal out there right now. ~$350 /month with taxes and fees paid upfront for a 58k jeep. Your kid would love you forever :joy:

My old Corolla was 460…4 windows at 60 mph. Didn’t help much over 100F. (pretty much all summer long)

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Back when music was listenable.


The Honda Civic just got redesigned but its hot right now for a compact sedan. if you find it at MSRP I would sign right away, you are probably going to get quotes for thousands over MSRP on it.

Impreza is a great car too and Subarus hold their value very well. Probably easier to get a deal on one vs a Honda Civic. I wouldn’t expect to get a discount on it

Hyundai will probably be the best deal and there are several brokers in your region that can help.

All my speculation is based on the California market so I could be off

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Many here have already provided you with the most effective solution to your problem.

Please consider purchasing a used car for under $5,000. I can say with high certainty, specially if it’s a guy, they will crash the car at least once in the first year.

You can even set them up with a secured personal loan through PenFed and help build credit or co-sign on a used car loan…at the end of the day it’s irrelevant, it’s not substantial enough to have an impact.

Reference: I totaled my first car - Honda Civic - at 18 after a trip to get ice cream with some girl

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You could get a 97-04 wrangler TJ. It’s top safety feature is - ‘its slow as hell’. Insurance would be cheaper. And 4.0 is super reliable. Your kid could do his own oil changes and it’s super fun to drive in CT summers.

The civic is selling over sticker easily and tough to get a good deal on one. I would look into the Subaru VIP program or get the Toyota for sticker like mentioned above @haviet

I drive a 18 yr old truck and my wife drives a 12 yr old Rav4. I would buy them a 15 yr old Japanese car, and it’s a good lesson for them to help pay for the expenses associated with owning a car

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Honda Financial I think is the only one doing a great APR Promotion (1.9% on basically every new car) just completed a deal on a new civic

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In CT your best bet to minimize depreciation is probably the Impreza. There’s always demand for Subarus in New England.

If you end up paying MSRP it’s probably not a huge premium compared to pre-COVID when 5% off was a decent deal. Again, due to demand in NE.

Just don’t let the OTD price get inflated with a huge doc fee or “pre installed” accessories. If you get a good deal on the OEM extended warranty, take it. Pre pandemic it was sub $1,500 for the 8y/125k on an Impreza IIRC. Check the Subaru forums.

Getting the AWD standard on imprezas is nice too


Take from a 30 year old whose college car just turned 20 years old, don’t get them a new car. I have a 2002 Lexus IS300 and it’s nicer inside than a base model new car and costs almost nothing to drive.

I would highly recommend getting them a 10 year old Japanese car instead of leasing them something new. They’re going to do stupid stuff to it and probably get bad door dings and in a couple minor fender benders in a college parking lot.

Look at a 2010-2014ish Prius or a 10-14 year old Lexus. Those cars are extremely reliable and economical. There’s no reason they need a new car, but if you want to spoil them, go ahead!

Now I’m at a point in my career where I can afford to buy but the market is crazy, so I’ll keep driving the old reliable and save the money for a down payment when I need it.


You get it. early 2000s Japanese cars are very well built. actually alot of stuff pre recession are better than people make them out to be

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