2019 E300 4matic loaner $66k MSRP - $464

**MSRP: $65,685
**Selling Price: $48,500
**Monthly Payment: $464 plus tax (10% of the monthly in DC)
**Cash Due at Signing: First month + MSD
**MSD: $5,500
**Incentives: None

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**MF: .00070 (after MSD… yes marked up)
**Residual: 56%

**Region: DC
**Leasehackr Score:11.8 years

After my now former E300 hack was declared a total lost by insurance the hunt was on for a new car. I literally had a day to find a car so I knew traveling to get a good deal was out of the question. We have a 18 month old so needed a decent sized car (but don’t like SUVs) which ruled out trying to work out a 4 series hack (too small). We loved our E300 so much that we really wanted another one. Thought about a 5 series for a minute but 0 DAS effective payments on one (based on what brokers were posting) were in the high 400s so nothing amazing for a car we are meh about (we don’t have loyalty or an OL code). So another E300 it was. Knowing I would not get much of a hack like I did with the last one (RV and MF are not that great anymore) and that I had only one day to find one, the hunt was on. I directly connected via phone with about 8 sales managers from the MB dealers in VA and MD and told them where I was on my former E300 (one of them said “you’re one of those leasehackers… we know about you” haha). I bounced offers between dealers and finally got to an offer that no other dealer would come close to. The sell price was strong (26.2% off MSRP) but being a VA dealer I was slammed with a crazy processing fee ($695) and they made money by marking up the MF. In the end though this was the best offer so I jumped on it and picked it up an hour later. I qualified for an extra $500 via a fleet code but they would not accept it and mentioned they have been burned in the past from using them on loaners. Even factoring in that others were letting me use it, this was still the best offer.

To conclude, there was still room in the deal yes but this was the best I could get in the area and in a day. And, more importantly, we got the exact car we wanted without having to compromise. LOVE the car.

By the way, I ended up getting it from the dealer that called me out for being a leasehackr :laughing:

Taking care of business at SCOTUS this morning.


Well done. Enjoy it!

Let me guess…:thinking:

Well done!

Close. It was Tysons Corner.

wow, i never had great chances at Tysons, I got my C class from alexandria 2 years ago, 26% off (loaner). I guess the competition is on since we have so many in the area. congrats on the car!

It’s weird. I got my last E from Annapolis and at that time all other dealers laughed at me when I tried see if they can come close, including Tysons. This time Annapolis wouldn’t even give me a quote, even though my salesperson and sales manager remembered me (or maybe that ways the point of failure ha).

I guess the lesson I learned with this round is erase all preconceived notions. It also helped speaking directly with the sales manager and skipping the initial conversation with a salesperson.

That’s a beautiful car, congrats! Inside color? Any package you recommend?

Really like the newish E. That thing even looks good in White.

Congrats on your new wheels. What on god’s earth are you debating at SCOTUS? Getting into the really Esoteric side of the sport these days?

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the new ride.

Thanks @anon92897398 and @Rooji. Guess I did ok!

@roly the interior is Macchiato Beige with burl walnut trim. If you’re looking at a loaner all have the P1 package and upgraded sound, which are a must in my book. This had a bunch of other options as well. Good luck!

@SandyPalm SCOTUS made for a good photo op on my way home from the DC inspection station. :slight_smile:

Awesome picture and deal. Congrats!

Sister store. Great deal from them, never thought it was possible :grin:

Congrats on a great deal which is finalized in one day. :clap: Car looks great.

I feel like this was picked up at Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria!

Thanks @xenhacker @Ursus @Batistuta

@Bilal_Raja Alexandria didn’t have any Es, only Cs and GLCs. I feel that was also true 18 months ago when I got my last E.

Well good job on the lease! And what was your cap cost?

$50,572. $48,500 was the vehicle sell price but they marked up the acquisition fee and VA dealers have a crazy $695 doc fee.

Thank you.

You are lucky at $695. I just paid $799 for my XC90 after paying $699 in April for S60

Why do you think dealers don’t budge with the doc fees? They seem to negotiate other parameters but not the doc fee. I’m sure there is a logical reason.