2018 Accord Touring 1.5T (SoCal) $299+tax

Started the search to replace my gf’s ‘16 civic lease, 4 payments left on it, so will try Vroom or have the dealer take and wash off the remaining payments.

I searched the forum for Dec deals for Touring, but couldn’t find any.

Below is the first quote that I got today as a walk in customer. There was no accessory scam involved in pricing, which I appreciate the dealer for that.

2018 Accord Touring 1.5T (New)

**MSRP: $34,690
**Selling Price: $28,595 (17.6% off)
**Monthly Payment: $299.99 + tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,595 (Acq fee $595, 1st month, license and registration)
**Incentives: $750 loyalty, $500 College grad

**Annual Mileage:12k

**Leasehackr Score:N/A

Do you guys think there is more room to negotiate?

Have you searched the site for what others are paying?

I’d say a near 18% discount seems to be a more than fair discount for the car. I know others have had trouble negotiating Accords down to anything reasonable… this is a pretty good price, I think.

why dont you just buy it – the payments will be relatively close.

No. Touring 1.5T has $2900 lease incentive.

Actual selling price is $31,495 backing the incentives out. IMO there is another couple thousand to negotiate out of it at least. $27,500 neighborhood would be a ‘rock bottom’ selling price before incentives IMHO.

Search button is your friend, OP…

I’d send a proposal to the dealer for selling price of $27,500 - rebate - loyalty - grad and see if they bite. That would be a screaming deal.

Thanks for the links, I’ve seen both before but one of them was in Sep and the other one was Nov, so not sure if the incentives are the same. Can I find this $2900 lease incentive information on Honda’s website? I will try to push for more, probably will get better numbers closer to the end of the month.

Finance offer was 2.9% apr for 60 months, and the payments were in high 400s. We are trying to be below 300s with minimal drive offs.

According to Edmunds it’s $2900

Today I was quoted a sale price of 25,xxx I was simply amazed that it was almost off 25,% off MSRP…they quoted me a lease payment of $1200 out of pocket and $269.50 a month. What’s everyone’s take on those numbers…I know I didn’t provide the other numbers but that’s what was said to me …didn’t get to see all the numbers broken down yet. This was a 36/10k…
For Accord 1.5 touring.

Did you end up making a deal?

Well, if RV is low enough, MF high enough, add fees and tax and then even 25% off won’t make it into a good deal.

I see your point…so what is a good/great deal on this 1.5 touring ? What’s the best numbers you have seen?

There was a deal made, put a small deposit down, but haven’t signed the actual contracts or taken delivery of the car yet…am I able to walk away?

I didn’t say I’ve seen better numbers on Accord. Honda’s in general don’t have awesome lease numbers compare to other makes. But as for Accord itself it could very well be a good deals.

As far as see that MSRP should be $33,800
According to Edmunds
RV is 50% which is $16,900
MF is 0.00092 (2.21%)

So without factoring tax, fees, rent charge the cost can be $8,450 or $234.

So it was hard to access your offer without you providing above numbers.

Putting it all together you are below generally accepted here 1% rule which is actually good for the Accord by itself.

I doubt there would be room left for the sale price discount. What you can is verify all other numbers are in line and not grossly over charged. But you only may fish out another $10 - $20 pm per chance you care for that.

Otherwise it’s looks pretty good on Honda in general and Accord itself.

Usually yes. But I’d usually verify if deposit is refundable:) just some less stellar dealerships may make you work for it to get back.

I’d look at the 2.0t ex-l – I think the 1.5t is under-powered and paired to a cvt

MSRP was quoted around 36xxx …sale price was approximately 25xxx
The other dealer had a sale price of 27000 …
And wanted $2800 down and 225 a month…

Seems since the incentives are so high that the deal for this car would be $250-265 with tax with zero down or out of pocket.

They also paid off 2 payments on my trade in of close to $1000

So paying off my last lease of $1000 and 1200 down with $269 a month…

Did you close the deal?

I put some money down but did NOT take delivery of the car yet.