2018 Accord Touring 1.5T (SoCal) $299+tax

What’s in that Accord?:slight_smile: I see basic MSRPs are $34,700 on 1.5 Touring. Is that w Destination fee or Nav? Or fluff like paint protection?:slight_smile:
Btw $25k sale price for $36k MSRP is not 25% off. Or is it 25% before rebates? And then then are willing to add rebate on top?

What’s the deal with trade in? Car? Why are they so willing to pay it off for you and take it on top of such discount?

Still so far I’m hearing sign and drive may be in $302 per month range for $36k MSRP car. Still pretty good. Why aren’t you taking it yet?:slight_smile:

Basically loaded, leather seats, navigation, Xeon headlamps, push start, lane assist, heated coolant seats Honda sensing, heads up display, remote start, 19 inch wheels. It has pretty much everything…it’s 25% off after rebates

The trade in is just two remaining payments, but yes pretty much $302 if I don’t want to out anything out of pocket…

Another dealer wanted $409 with taxes a month …

I’d say it’s good deal:) was hard to asses that with just basic info initially provided:)

And you may want to consider just first months out of pocket. As has been mentioned many times - if car is totaled - all due at signing is lost.

Can you PM the dealer buying my mom one, thanks

Yeah like my 2 local Honda dealers, they’re crazy. Doesn’t help that they’re both owned by the same owner.

I got this quote from Freeway Honda, but Honda World gave us a slightly better offer.

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