'18 Accord Touring 1.5 - 259/mo, 995 drive off - thoughts?

2018 Accord Touring 1.5
MSRP: 34,690
Area: Northern CA, Sacramento area
Term: 36/12k
Monthly: 259+tax
Driveoff: 995 (includes $0 security deposit, first month, tax, license)

I saw this on the dealer website. Haven’t gone in yet. This seems like a decent deal, curious to hear your feedback, thanks!


Nice deal if you get those numbers

I’ve been shopping Honda Accords for 6 months , mind you only for the 2.0 , and ads like that if similar for the 2.0 turned out to be bait and switch.

If it’s for real , have them put it in writing in a text or email to you , the out the door cost along with the monthly payment and annual miles otherwise they just want you to come and visit so they can hard sell you.

Classic bait and switch. When you call or visit the dealer, they will probably tell ypu that figure is for an lx model that was sold like 2 months ago. And then the salesman will say “by the way we have an amazing deal on this other honda accord on the lot and we have a promo right now on it. When can you come in for a test drive?”
I swear that these guys can be replaced by a robot soon.

As others have said, def a bait and switch. I’m actually going to the dealer in a few hours to complete a deal on one of these for the wife (1.5t Touring), though i will be financing. I wanted to lease it originally, but the numerous, low 4’s monthly pmts quotes, were a turn-off.

If you like the 1.5 Accord Touring, then shop the Honda clarity which I believe also has the 1.5 engine (and looks slightly different). With the clarity touring you can definitely get the 259 a month number


I love these teaser ads - every dealer I have seen does this to pull you in.

When you arrive, they don’t have the car in stock - they just sold it.

Then they say your credit has to be 900 to get that deal.

And when you say how much for me - they say add another $150 to the rate - that’s your rate.


But worth a shot. Just call them and ask to put a deposit on that 259 a month car. Worked for me once with Quirk who is notorious bait and switch. I called and asked if the special was available. They said yes. I asked if i can put a depisit they agreed. And thats how I got a ram 1500 51k msrp for 290 plus tax a month.

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Thanks all for the replies. The ad is pretty specific, and it lists VIN numbers for 3 cars, all of which show up in their inventory.

I understand the games that go on with dealer sales & finance people. But I am surprised a dealer would blatantly lie in an advertisement.

I will call them and see if they will give numbers and take a deposit.
Assuming it is a scam - what is the best way to discourage them from this business practice? Give them bad Yelp and Google reviews?

LOL…no joke. They all must use the same script. Do they ever get tired of hearing the same speech?

They are not lying. And it is not a scam. If you ask them the right question, you can probably get an honest answer. Like that price is for a recent college graduate who is serving the military that bought a car from them in the last 2 years with a current lease expiring in 4 months with a credit of 900. See what i did there? Goodluck. Compare price, do research and see what others are leasing here on that same model. This is a very good site to get info on lease.

How do you know they are not lying?

I called the dealer. Sales guy emailed me the following:
The cash sale price of the vehicle is 27,529.16 reduced from 34,690
The residual value is 18,724 (54%)
cash down 995
Monthly payment with tax is 279.07

I asked him for VIN and he provided it via text message. The VIN checks out on the dealer website.
Here is the follow up conversation:

Me: Okay, if you can send me a term sheet, I can apply and put a deposit down over the phone. Can come tonight or tomorrow to pick up the car.

Him: Sounds great, in order for us to provide you a physical term sheet and place a down payment it requires you to be present at the dealership.

Me: I’m sorry, you need to provide a term sheet before I can come in. I have outstanding credit, and will provide deposit. Let’s keep each other honest.

Him: The best option to take advantage of the lease special would be to come visit the dealership tonight after work.

Me: I will not be able to do that unless you can provide a term sheet. I will not waste your time. Please don’t waste mine.
I have already test driven the car BTW. You may still have me in your records.
i did a test drive last December I believe.

Him: I consulted with my team and in order for us to provide the fine details it does require participation to be present at the dealership.

strong textMe: Please tell me what fine details you need

Him: I am XXX XXXXX I am your sales consultant, all I am asking is that you stop in at the dealership and meet with me. It’s a super deal.

Me: XXX - my time is valuable, and I value your time. I will not come to the dealership to negotiate with you. If you provide a term sheet, I will provide a deposit, and visit to pick up the car.
Any fine details can be settled at the dealership, once I have a term sheet.


If he put that email in writing with a VIN number, I’d probably take a gamble and go - that’s a reasonable amount of detail. I’d tell him to have the deal sheet and paperwork ready to sign as soon as I arrived. If anything was amiss, I’d just leave.

Aren’t car sales fun?

Lying and withholding information is not the same. I just explained it before.

HAHahaha nice.

There is absolutely no way you or anyone else are getting a $7500 discount on a new Accord.

Guarantee that if you go in, and they try to get you to sign a piece of paper for $279/mo a 1.5 EX or Sport or something.

Go in and let us know :joy:

Had this happened to me before. But it worked out in the end. Print the email and ad and show it. If they tell you that all the stars need to be aligned for you to get that, work with them and get the manager involve. Most respectable dealer (Read reviews) will work with you if you dont act batshit crazy, be respectful and be sincere that you will likely do business with them again. You may not get that $259 but might come close to that like $299. Will $40 a month going to stop ypu from leasing that car specially if you know that is pribably a good price based on the honda accord post here. Thats sometime how you find good deal. Or you can always walk away.

Just get quotes from all the area dealers, I usually don’t even mention the ad, it’s usually structured in a way I wouldn’t do a deal anyway. Dealers that provide the most details are followed up with first or the ones with the lowest quotes, then start using the quotes to drive down prices. And all this BS about we won’t give you numbers unless you come in, somebody will give you numbers and even if they don’t say that dealer xyz did and you’ll be going there instead. All these dealers will whore their cars out, you just need to play the game(not something in demand though, amg, m car, etc).

I got a call from the finance person at the dealership, and had a nice conversation. She agreed to send a term sheet. Here it is.

This would be my first lease, is there anything to be concerned about in these terms? It seems odd that state tax, doc fee, and smog are listed at zero.

Take it before someone else does if you want it.

I assume they’re using a $1500 rebate + $995 as the drive off.