[1/12/19 UPDATE] 2018 Jeep GC needs entirely new transmission. Dealer says Chrysler won’t have part for at least 2 weeks. What are my Lemon Law options? (NJ)

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Alrighty… I got 2 GCs this year. One in May that my dad drives, and another in July. The one in May wasn’t shifting right so my dad brought it in. Sure enough, the dealer said it needs a whole new tranny. They gave us a crappy Mitsubishi loaner (no backup cam!) and told us not to expect the parts to arrive before 12/28 at the earliest. (How can it take so long for an American car company to get a basic part to the American Northeast!!) Lol

The enormous frustration notwithstanding, a cursory search of NJ lemon indicates that if the vehicle is in the shop for 20 consecutive days and emerges unresolved, it may fall under a Lemon.

I’m hoping the new tranny will be fine, but if not, does anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations for a lawyer?

And if it does come back fixed, how can we ask Chrysler to cover this month of the lease and/or other compensation?

Thanks in advance. Nightmare!!

You may very well have a lemon on your hands. Call FCA and let them have it and push for compensation for the inconvenience of their defective product.

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I think I’d have a better not chance once the 20 days are up. That way I at least fall under one of the criteria here. Also, is there a chance that FCA will “blacklist” me for future leases if I make a big deal here?

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after this experience, would you care if you were blacklisted at FCA??? don’t even think twice about it, it’s a customer service industry.

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Gotcha. I know it’s bad, but I just don’t want to never have the option to lease one ever again. 12/31 is gonna be Day 20. It also needs to be returned defective so if the new tranny is good, I won’t have a case. I just feel bad that my dad needs to drive a crappy 2011 Mitsubishi for a month…

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you definitely have to push for compensation for the month without your car.

i have a relative who got a ghibli when it first came out. when it inevitably broke down, they gave him a sentra loaner…

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What’s the best way to deal with FCA? Call them? Email? Hard snail mail letter? Any specific avenue that’ll get results? I think we should aim for the month paid for, plus 3 more…

call, make sure you get who you spoke to and make sure that your complaints are logged.

Gotcha. Perhaps I’ll call now and just say that I want the month covered now and that if it’s returned defective, I’ll get a Lemon lawyer.

You should do a search on google for information on the lemon laws for FCA or in general. I had a similar situation with '15 Cherokee. Among many other problems (new brakes all around at 10k miles) and countless trips to the service department for shifting issues the transmission literally exploded after about 7k miles. I was able to find information on what they would consider a lemon, which I can’t remember off the top of my head. I know it didn’t qualify as a lemon despite all of this (now there is a class action for that run of vehicles) but before you spend time contacting them and whatnot do some research. Really, the car needs to be seriously messed up and/or in the shop repeatedly. I believe this is a mileage limitation on this as well (a few thousand at most if I remember correctly). They probably won’t care if its an inconvenience to you. To be honest I wouldn’t get your hopes up for much compensation, if at all.

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I highly doubt they are so organized that they track your name and prevent a futher lease. Definitely contact them

Let’s try to stay on topic here.

There are no “lemon laws for FCA” nor can FCA dictate what constitutes a lemon.

What applies is the lemon law in your state of residence (and sometimes the state of transaction, if it’s different).

I think I’m gonna take a measured response. Contact this week about them at least covering this monthly payment. And notify them that if it’s returned and still broken, I’ll get a lawyer.

Honestly, I’d be happy if I just got it back and it worked for the remainder of the lease lol. Not looking for drama

I doubt they care if you notify them or not. Just try to push for some compensation for the monthly payment for now

I think I’d mention it just for documentation purposes. Again, I don’t expect a whole lot. And like I said earlier, I’d rather just get the car back in working order and move on.

Good luck. I was so lucky that they bought back my 14 GC Altitude but that was after months of fighting them and many letters sent. The whole process isn’t as easy as it seems because FCA deals with a third party called impartial services which is a total nightmare to work with. I honestly am still surprised by myself that I got another WK2 after my first lemon. I think I only did it cause the Trans in the Diesel and V8 is different than that in the V6

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Not sure about the 20 days thing, but typically you’d need to give a dealer 3 shots at rectifying the same issue. It has to be documented.
At least you could try to get Corporate to compensate you in some way. If they don’t budge, then give a call in to kimmel and silverman and see if you have a case. You might get hit with usable value for the miles you put on the car. Don’t expect to always get into a new car or all your money returned.