Worst leases you've seen


Yeesh, at that rate, an RS5 sportback would be better.


I was just quoted $539/mo for a 35k Mazda 6…I know Mazdas don’t traditionally lease well, but sheesh


Any 30k+ car that has a high money factor and low residual value will be in the 500+ dollar a month range. Seems to be the primary trend I’ve noticed. Applies to Kia, Toyota, Honda… Etc.


That’s true. I guess it took me by surprise because I also recently got a quote for a 48k Alfa for less per month. And according to Edmunds the MF and RV for the Mazda are pretty reasonable this month (.00001, 53%) so I dont even know how they came up with such a high number.


I was there, in person with keys to a trade ($2K Equity). They didn’t want to budge. I wasted my time, but really enjoyed the Accord! Such a great car.


From Honcker. Mercedes AMG GT C 2018. I assume this is bad, as it is way too rich for my blood:


She’s purdy though…


Local dealer had one here he quoted my brother at $1900/mo 0 down because he wanted to move it. Took almost 30% off and it was still too expensive


I’ve heard the GT’s hold their value decently for a sports car. With a deep enough discount he might have been able to buy it and sell after a few years



Better hurry and lease that car. Offer only good until the end of the month!


Quoted $937 on a $62k F150 Platinum for 24/10.5k miles…


In my never ending quest of getting screwed over, here is my latest t8 s90 lease “offer” I’m starting to think they actually don’t want to let these go. Notice, no other discounts other than 5002 from government. I assume they’ll just keep the other incentives. The MF is WAYYYY over what it’s supposed to be as well.


But why get the T8?

I’ve read pretty bad things about the performance of the dual electric/gasoline powerplants. The technology is very nascent and requires a lot more work.

Any features come with it specifically that you don’t get with the T6?


For me in Texas, there is a state credit of 2500, when I move to DC I do not need to pay excise tax when I register it there, that’s another 6%. I don’t need the T8 but I assumed they’ve been there for a while, decent discounts (at least I’ve read), but not one dealer seems to want to deal with me.


I test drove a 2018 CT6 today. They wanted to show me how “good they lease”

67k MSRP
6800 down
608 mo including CA tax
39 mo term
10k a year

Car drove nice, but not enough head room for me. The seating positioning was not good for taller people. 2019 has a refresh coming for it, but I don’t think that will change the seats…


A 48% residual for 36/10 is gonna prevent a decent lease even if you can get the selling price and MF down.


Check out the incentives. We all know dealers will post all incentives that the stars have to align perfectly to qualify for, but they are stacking conquest and loyalty which is impossible to stack!





My know it all mother in law, who knows that I have helped many others get screaming lease deals including two of her daughters, just signed an EcoSport 36/12 lease for $354/month with $1k down. So there’s that. Zero incentives available on an atrocious, cheap, depressing vehicle. And I believe that she rolled payments in from her Escape Titanium that was under miles. When informed that if she had given me a week or two she could have been driving an Infiniti or Mercedes for that payment, she replied “I wanted to get a good deal myself and I wanted it now”. Okay then :rofl: