Worst leases you've seen


Who’s mother in law isn’t a know it all :rofl:


The best part is that she qualified for $4500 conquest incentive for being co-signed on one of her daughter’s GM leases, but didn’t know it and the dealer only knew about her Escape lease :rofl:



Eco sport is one of the cheapest looking and ugliest cars on the market. They took a fugly Fiesta and made it taller while keeping the tiny wheels.


Just got a quote for a 19 Challenger SP Widebody with a MSRP of 49k.

0 DAS and 15k miles per year
24 month lease: $930
36 month lease: $760



I’ve learned Chrysler anything doesn’t lease well when using Chrysler Financial. It’s like they know their cars are cheap and bad haha.


My in laws are like that too. They’ve seen first hand some of the deals I’ve been able to get, and I definitely could have helped them with their RX 350 they returned, or at least passed them onto someone good here, as well as probably help them make a few bucks off the return selling it through Carvana or whatever. They just went back to the same place they always do and got another RX 350. They definitely didn’t get hosed from what I saw, but combined with selling the old one I think they could have done a lot better.




There’s no way anyone has accepted that…

How is that even possible? That’s almost a paid off car in 3 years… What’s the residual on one of those? Yeesh.


3% for 36/15 :grimacing:


Last I checked it was 29% lol… There was Clarity levels of trunk cash a while back that helped make it a little easier to swallow, but I’m pretty sure they killed that or drastically reduced it. Even still… 900+ a month for one of those? Crikey…


I just checked and there’s actually $11,257 in lease cash in my area, so someone just messed something up or really thinks that someone is dumb enough to pay that kind of money for one of those.


I saw someone claim they’re paying $738 / month on a Stinger lease.


Sounds like the initial leases on G70s as well. A high MF rate coupled with poor residuals (being Kia/Hyundai cars) and MSRPs in the 45k to 55k range will definitely put monthly payments in the 650-750 range.


Buddy of mine was quoted $850 with $4,500 DAS for a barebones Q7


I was just quoted $1153 on a $66k F150 Platinum :man_shrugging:


With or without Ford PCO? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Without. Hahahah


If he said he had a PCO, the price would have stayed the same and dealer would have pocketed the $3k. :wink:


Audi Q7 Premium+ 3.0T 15/36 $68k
Walked into dealer, asked for numbers.
6k das and 1250/mo.
I literally laughed in his face and asked him who the heck would do that.
His response was “there are are a lot of people paying that for a Q7”
I told him I can walk outta here and into a Benz dealer right down the street and without ANY haggling get an S560 for that or less.
He called me a week later trying to get me to close with that same price! haha

I’m aware these things aren’t a good lease and wasn’t looking for the deal of a lifetime. But that was funny.